August 12 – Rawlins, Wyoming

46 degrees this morning and I had to (didn’t want to) put on a sweatshirt to walk the dogs. The one good thing is the weather has been nice in the sense of no rain. We might get a few sprinkles but nothing like the flooding you see in different locations throughout the country.

Drive east was pretty boring. Driving I 80 is so easy. Set cruise control and drive straight. No major hills or curves. We did cross the continental divide a couple of times but only at 7000 feet.

Arrived at Western Hills RV Park early afternoon. It turns out Brenda and I stayed here five years ago when we came out to see Amanda for the first time. Park hasn’t changed, large gravel parking lot (no grass for the dogs) but the spaces are large and it’s close to town.

Brenda immediately headed for town after we were set up. Needed to get caught up on supplies.

Gretel and Hansel doing what they do best – sit on my lap!

Saturday another nice day, slightly warmer but still had to turn on the fireplace to take off the chill. We headed to town without the dogs to explore.  Did see the largest steam engine.IMG_1825

We walked around and saw a few murals, and read some of the history on the old buildings. Not a whole lot of people in town for a Saturday.


We did something that we haven’t done for many years. We went into a bar in the morning and had a beer. The sign outside enticed us in “$1 for a PBR”. Couldn’t pass that up, haven’t had a PBR in a long time. We did a couple and had a bar burger for lunch.

Headed home and was expecting a friend from Franklin County (where I used to work, he was one of my employees) to stop by.

Short story about Dan (my friend above). Last week I was looking at potential friends on Facebook and I requested his friendship (or whatever the proper terminology is) and he said yes. He then asked how I was and I said I was in Utah. He indicated he was going to be the area later in the month. We began a discussion of our travels in between and found out we both would be in the Rawlins, WY area this Saturday.

So we spent the afternoon drinking “Bud light” and sharing old stories. Good time seeing Dan and his wife Debbie. Finding old friends is fun as you reminisce on the past – some good some not so good! His wife like Brenda, didn’t want her picture taken.IMG_1841

In case you wanted to see the latest Tecopa picture.IMG_1824

Sunday we are off to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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