August 9 – Lyman, Wyoming

Late start as we left the campground about 11:30 A. Not normal but with all the Tecopa cuddling during the week, we needed to get caught up on stuff in the RV.

Trip east was uneventful. I can tell you not only will we miss Tecopa, but the mountains are obviously gone – miss them too. The background only looks like the hills of Missouri. This first stretch into Wyoming is now desert, so we keep an eye on the road and not spend too much time gawking.

Arrived in Lyman at the KOA campground. A quiet setting, out in the middle of nowhere. Gravel roads and lots but it has large sites which gives us the feeling of openness and privacy. Only about 50 RV sites.IMG_1814

Wednesday we woke up to 60 degree weather – oh enjoy the cooler weather.

We headed over to Fossil Butte National Monument for the day without the dogs. Oh what a boring ride to the site. It was an hour drive and the scenery never changed the whole way, few hills, desert and no trees or a house. Yes we did see cows and even a field of bison.DSC_0001

Fossil Butte is in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t even a campground nearby (reason for the long drive).

We did pass thru Kemmerer which was the home of the first J C Penny store, which is still there. Brenda worked in one as a teenager, so we stopped for memories.

Kemmerer also has one of the few “triangles” in the country, instead of the town square.

Fossil Butte was impressive if you like fossils – we did! They had 100’s of fossil pieces on display in great condition. Saw the movie and got the stamp. Didn’t do any hiking as it was 67 degrees and we forgot our coats. What made me think was how meticulous the geologist and fossil people were way back when and how they kept these pieces in such great condition. I watched a ranger working on one while we were there.

The fossils from Fossil Lake are remarkable for the abundance of species found here – plants, snails, crustaceans, spiders, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals and 20 kinds of fish. All from a lake you could never imagine existed here 52 million years ago.

Also picked up the California and Oregon Trails stamps. The trails run thru this area.

Thursday we woke up to 49 degrees – oh brrr! Waited awhile until it warmed up and took off on the bike. Rode to Fort Bridger, Wyoming about 8 miles away. Saw the fort there. Rode back. They even had a bike-walk trail from Lyman to Bridger – impressive. Fort Bridger was a stage stop for the Overland Trail and has one of the oldest postmarks from the Pony Express.

Spent the rest of the day goofing off (not a lot of tourist items in this area). Did smoke a pork tenderloin for dinner.

We have been watching the Olympics (GO USA!). Probably have watched more Olympics than ever before and enjoying the pleasure of having nothing to do except what I would like to do.

Friday woke up to 46 degrees and we are off to Rawlins, Wyoming.

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