August 2 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Part 2

Tuesday was my shopping day. I did get in a 20 mile ride first. I then dropped Brenda off at Amanda’s and I first went to Timpanogos Cave.

We visited there in 2011 but I didn’t have my NP Passport book to get the stamp. So I went there and watched the movie and got the missing stamp. Way too hot to hike a mile and half up 1100 feet. Still over 100 degrees, even in the mountains.

Then headed over to Camping World and needed a few things. Also did Best Buy, Auto Zone and Home Depot. Driving around doing errands, I was thinking the only reason I miss work was because I got a lot of this shopping done on my lunch hours.

Did get to hold Tecopa for a while. He is now more alert and looking around. I forgot how much babies have a tendency to sleep.

Wednesday took off for a 30 mile ride but only got to 29. One of the communities is replacing the bike trail in their town (oh happy days – it was a rough section) and so I couldn’t go any further.

If you are wondering where Brenda is – she is with Tecopa.

Thursday is dog’s day – time to go to the vet for Hansel and Gretel. They needed to get updated on their shots. Not too disastrous! They still love us.

Brenda went to Amanda’s to help with some meals and other stuff.

We did go to the Salt Lake Bees Triple A (farm club for Los Angelos Angels – remember Pujols?) game for a double header. They were playing the Reno Aces (Arizona diamondback’s farm club). They split the game with Shelby Miller (remember he pitched for STL Cards 2012 to 2014). He is now with the Diamondbacks.

We did see a grand slam homer by the Bees – yes that is Utah’s symbol – because the bee was so industrial and the early settlers were also so industrial on their own.

Friday I rode 30 miles. Headed north (haven’t been too far on this trail) and it was great. New and flat and went on forever. Enjoyed the scenery and weather.IMG_1794

Speaking of weather, yesterday we finally broke 9 days of over 100. Enjoying this cool spell.

Brenda is once again over at Tecopa’s.

We took Pizza and a couple of growlers over to Amanda’s and enjoyed an evening together, especially trying to spoil Tecopa.

Saturday didn’t ride (see Friday and a 30 mile ride – legs a little sore).

Sunday we did make it to church. Decided to smoke ribs and so the rest of the day was watching the grill and having a beer or two. Amanda and Stu and Tecopa did come over to enjoy the ribs with us. The dogs finally got to meet Tecopa. A couple of barks and they weren’t too sure about his presence. We will have to give them more time together in the future.IMG_1799

Monday I did ride and my goal was to find the end of the bike trail. Great day for a ride, weather was in high 80’s and low humidity. Made it to the end at 20 miles (that means 20 back). Took 4 hours (counting all the breaks) and now home and resting.

Brenda is at Tecopa’s helping Amanda. She didn’t get home till 6 PM but we had to go back and see Tecopa before we left. So back over and visited and said our good byes.IMG_1205Tecopa’s parents.

Tuesday is off to Wyoming.

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