July 26 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Part 1

When you boon dock, it doesn’t take much to get you moving in the morning. Had to use the generator to use the coffee pot (most important thing in the morning – coffee that is!). Not too cool weather wise, so we were off. On the road by 7 AM, that is a record to date.

A lot of mountains to get over and scenery to enjoy. Didn’t have any troubles along the way. Took our time and enjoyed the day. I knew that this was going to be our longest trip (to date) and needed to not rush. We are doing 425 miles directly to Salt Lake City to see the new grandbaby.

Did witness several trucks with burning tires because they were in a hurry and kept their foot on the brake too long.

We did take a break at Glenwood Springs rest area and we fell in love with the area. It was a canyon with the beautiful Colorado River running through it. So peaceful. It probably wouldn’t take much to get Brenda to move here during the summer. Even had a bike trail parallel with the interstate.

I can tell you that far western Colorado and eastern Utah has no scenery. We were back in the desert and nothing – I mean nothing to look at. The road went on and on and there was still nothing. Hardly saw mountains in the background.

Finally when you got to the Salt Lake City area, it seemed to beautify up. It was 9 hours of driving to reach our destination campground. I was exhausted. I told Brenda, this will never be our norm. If we have to for the birth of a baby or some other emergency – fine – but never again will I drive that long.

Back at the KOA (where my bike was stolen earlier this year). She gave us a spot among the trees and I thought “oh no – no satellite TV” but after 3 relocations on the same site, we hit gold – we can watch the democratic convention – lol.

Have I talked about the weather yet? Let me tell you how HOT it is here. It was 104 the first day and I am writing this after 3 days of HOT weather (101, 102 and 101) and it continues. The only good thing is the humidity is low.IMG_1760

Had our ritual celebration beer and cleaned up and headed over to Amanda’s house to see the baby. I’m not going to write all day about how cute and special he is. I will just say he is cute and special. I do have pictures.

His name is Tecopa, which has been explained to us that Tecopa is the name of a badass Indian chief who was a peacemaker between the Paiute Indians and miners. It also means “wildcat”, so I hope Amanda and Stu are ready when he gets to be “wild”.

Wednesday I took off bike riding (did 22 miles – lot easier at 4000 feet and fairly level trail) and Brenda went to help out at Amanda’s. Since the baby was early, Amanda wasn’t quite prepared – Brenda will be able to help with that.

Brenda spent most of the day with baby Tecopa and she cleaned house and helped Amanda.

Thursday I will continue to try and ride. I rode 13 miles and got a flat tire. Walked two miles home. Took bike in to REI and asked for a heavier tube and slime to prevent minor leaks. Brenda is with Amanda and helping where she can, tonight she will make them dinner. I had dinner with Amanda and Stu and got to see little Tecopa. All he does is sleep!

Friday I had breakfast at the campground. $4 and it was filling.

I finally found a blood drive I could attend. Got that over for the next two months. Also stopped by the Sheriff’s office and picked up my stolen bike. It basically is in good shape except they stripped the seat, lights, odometer and the two storage bags. We’ll see what it takes to get back in shape.

Brenda is now over at Amanda’s helping out.

Saturday is our anniversary – 20 years – and plan on spending it together and have some fun. Relaxed in the morning and went out to lunch at the Uinta Brewery.IMG_1778

Stopped by and held Tecopa for a while. He was sleeping so comfortably in my arms. I finally got tired and thought Brenda would enjoy holding him but when I passed him on, he peed all over Brenda. IMG_1769After a change of a shirt we then picked up my new bike with the fixed flat tire. We bought a couple of growlers from Wasatch Brewery (for Monday smoking) and then went back home to let the dogs out.

We did go to the Red Iguana for dinner and it was wonderful. They have 8 different mole sauces that you can choose for a topping. Taste is delightful on your tongue. Evening was good.  Blueberry Margarita.IMG_1783

Sunday we finally made it to church and we needed that. In the afternoon, we drove to Stu’s parents’ house (in Provo) had dinner with them and the kids. They were celebrating Curtis’s 16th birthday. Unfortunately the people didn’t spend too much time focusing on Curtis but everyone was trying to hold Tecopa.

Monday was smoke day. Started the grill at 7:30 AM and smoked a Chuck Roast (and vegetables) all day. Recipe called for meat temp to be 210 and I believe that was too much and it was dried out. My thermometer didn’t even go over 200. Enjoyed a growler as I watched the grill. Brenda did spend most of the day with Tecopa.

Part 2 Salt Lake City to follow.

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