July 25 – Avon, Colorado

Since we only stayed one day in Leadville, getting ready to head out is a short task. We were on the road by 8:30 AM, which might be a record for us. Heading to Avon we decided not to take the shortest route (looking at a map there were all kinds of switchbacks and probably steep grades). The white knuckle driving is not my favorite pastime. We drove 10 miles further but the road was fairly straight and grades not too steep (whenever you cross the summits, the road is steep) but this was a major highway and they kept them at 6-7 % which if you drive sensible isn’t too bad.

We did see at least 3 semi-trucks with their tires smoking.

Why are we in Avon? My son Josh (who is normally in London, England) is here for part of the week for a wedding. We wanted to see him and Leah before they head back across the sea.

Since they were staying in a condo complex we had to drop the RV off at a Walmart parking lot and take the car to get to the condo. Josh was there with his parent in-laws and his brother-in-law plus his girlfriend. Had a nice visit inside but soon headed out to a local brewery for a cold one and lunch.

Hearing great things about Great Mountain Brewery we stopped at a second brewery and was there for the rest of the afternoon. IMG_1773

I will apologize as I forgot to take any pictures (excited about seeing Josh). Hoping someone will forward their pictures to me.

We did visit the RV (everyone wanted an inside tour) and we found out at the entrance gate to the condo, we could move the RV to the condo complex in a parking lot and stay there overnight. Now I stopped worrying about how I was going to get out of town (Walmart did not allow overnight stays) after visiting with Josh all day.IMG_1774

In picture above; Leah, Kay, Bob, Josh, Brenda with Gretel, Rich.  Greg and Jessica were taking the picture.  Good ol’ Greg to remember the pictures.

The entire day was great as we got to spend time with family and friends. I just wish I had some pictures! (Greg did forward me the two in this blog).

We did sleep in the RV in the parking lot (boon docking) and did well.

Not that I prepared this while sitting in the parking lot (actually while Brenda was helping Amanda here in SLC) but someone asked “how many miles?” and so here is an update as to our travels (since the beginning) and besides this is a short blog.

• Driven the RV 8,176 miles
• Camped in 55 locations
• On the road 10 months
• Driven the car 15,000 miles
• Visited 18 States
• Visited 17 National Parks
• Hottest day 104 degrees
• Coldest day 28 degrees

(you know how engineers like statistics!)

Tuesday is time to see the new grandbaby in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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