July 24 – Leadville, Colorado

Ventured out of our campground by 9 AM and headed west. Felt like the pioneers of yesteryear traveling west for a new adventure. Wasn’t sure what to expect except mountains and windy roads. And that’s exactly what we saw. What was most impressive was the pine trees and how naturally everything looked. Not a whole lot of manmade items to ugly up the scenery.

No trouble going thru the 1.5 mile tunnel and making it up the steep grades. No tall trees at campground, so we have TV, but there is no wifi. Nice location for the campground, outside the city of Leadville about 3 miles, so we feel we are in the middle of nowhere. The surrounding scenery is fantastic.

Ventured into town with the dogs. We walked around and window shopped. I guess Leadville was a great mining town years ago and at one time had 30,000 residents. Now there are 2,600. Many of the buildings have been well preserved and lots of stores and restaurants.

We did notice the Precision Brewery but they weren’t dog friendly so we had to skip them.

At an elevation of 10,200 feet above sea-level this could be a very enjoyable summer time place.

Saw a deer along the road.IMG_1741

Stopped at the only grocery store and bought grilling food and headed home. We did take a short tour around Turquoise Lake and it was pretty spectacular.   Such a soothing setting, wanted to get the lawn chairs out and just sit back.IMG_1747

Unfortunately we were all hungry and needed to get home to eat. We did grill up some Bison burgers – oh yum!

Monday is north to Avon, Colorado. We did wake up to 41 degrees this morning – wow!

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  1. We ate prime rib there for CHEAP when we were out seeing Kris in Cripple Creek before heading up to see Leadville


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