July 13 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Oh what a beautiful day and a short drive. Heading from east side of CS to south side.

Before we left we “sanitized” our water system. We have an 84 gallon Fresh Water tank that we would use on the road or if we were boon docking. Needs to be chlorinated every so often and it has been a while. Filled the tank with 2 cups of chlorine and water and we took off. It would slosh around to disinfect the inside of the tank.

We arrived early (only 27 miles) and our spot was available so they let us in early. This campground is in the mountains and in the middle of nowhere. Had a narrow windy road to get there but we got up the hill with no major scares.

Parked our home and didn’t realize how low the tree was and the antenna as we were raising it, got caught in some tree branches. Didn’t have loppers so I called the office and they sent someone over to help. No damage done.

Golden Eagle campground has few paved roads and the gravel roads and sites are rough. I guess it slows down traffic. Sites are big and we are under a tree – remember my antenna? Cannot reach the sewer so when our tank gets full we will have to back up and dump. At least we don’t have to leave the site.

This campground is known for its insect museum, May Museum. It is famous as the original owner started collecting bugs in 1929 from all over the world. We didn’t visit it but numerous people went there.

We sat around and read and relaxed for the day.

Thursday we were drinking coffee and we heard the sound of revelry. We are near Fort Carson (real close) and not only the revelry but they are also doing ammunition firing and we were serenaded to the sounds of gunfire and cannons going off all day. I guess that beats the sounds of the big city.

This afternoon we had the chance to visit with a friend from St. Louis at the Cheyenne Mountain State Park. An engineer I had worked with in STL was in the area and we stopped by and enjoyed time together (while it rained outside) with a beer. Len’s family just purchased an RV and is enjoying the traveling. The SP was really nice.

After our visit, Brenda and I went shopping and found the Smiling Toad Brewery.
We had rain today with dime size hail and a rainbow.


Friday is sight-seeing day. Our first stop was the USA Olympic Training Center. And was it remarkable. I guess you don’t realize how much effort people make to get into the Olympics. We did get to see some athletes training and heard stories of the amount of time people spend here and how dedicated. Michael Phelps did some of his training here.

This site is mostly for indoor events. They have other training sites around the US. This location is good for high altitude training as we were above 6000 feet.

What was quite enjoyable was the rotunda where they had a wraparound movie showing all the past USA Olympic wins. It actually brought tears to your eyes and most of you know how unemotional I am.DSC_0072

After lunch our next stop was the Air Force Academy. Again, how impressive was the effort made by the recruits to become soldiers. They showed a movie about the first year and I wondered if I would have survived. The grounds and buildings were quite inspiring and the location couldn’t have been more serene located at the foot of the mountains.

We did get to see soldiers in training and also got to go into the chapel which was worth the trip.

Did you know that Alton, Illinois was one of the 3 locations shortlisted for the site when the AFA was first built in 1958.

Found Pike’s Peak Brewery on the way home.IMG_1688

Saturday is catch up day and sewing for Brenda. Weather is the coolest it’s been in a while, 58 at dawn.

I did take the time to go to Best Buy to see the latest technology and see about fixing a couple of problems with our technology. Living in the wild you don’t always stay up with the latest. The new curved TV’s are awesome.

We really liked our time in Colorado Springs, lots to do and no matter where you are parked you can see the mountains, especially Pikes Peak.

Sunday it is off to Golden, Colorado.

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