July 10 -Falcon, Colorado

Beautiful day for a drive and oh it’s over in 20 miles. Yes we moved from the west side of Colorado Springs to the east side. We are near Elbert County, where Brenda wanted to do family research. Her family had a town named after them (Keysor) and they owned a large sheep farm (she says it was the largest in Colorado at the time). The town disappeared about 1938.

Arrived at Falcon Meadow RV Park about 10:30 AM and was able to get into our site. It is a small campground connected with a gas station and store. You have to remember there isn’t a whole lot out here. Park has gravel roads and large sites and great wifi. We are in the country. Our purpose here is to let Brenda do family research and I relax and catch up on paper work.

Brenda left soon after we landed and went to Kiowa (County seat) as the historical society was having an open house between 1 and 4. She then headed over to Castletown to a library to look up some stuff?

Oh the campground is infested with rabbits. Taking the dogs for a walk is like being drug by wild animals around in the field. Everywhere you turn there is a rabbit sitting in the grass – oh yes, this park has grass. Gretel sits by the door (outside door is propped open and screen door is there) and stares out the screen waiting for the rabbits to walk by. She is obsessive in wanting to get one. She has killed a rabbit before and could almost taste the blood.  Gretel waiting in disguise!IMG_1685

Monday turned out to be a very quiet, quiet day. Woke up to Brenda in the bathroom heaving her guts. The bug hit her. I needed to go to the Chevy dealer and have an oil change – returned after 4 hours. I was a drop in. But the Sonic needed other work and so it is done for a while.

Brenda didn’t get any better until evening so the day was quiet. All we did was walk around and chase rabbits.

Tuesday Brenda was well enough to go do research so she left early in the morning and I will chase rabbits the rest of the day. Spent part of the day cleaning up the computer and getting some paperwork done. And chasing all those rabbits, you know I didn’t even get a picture of a rabbit.

When Brenda did get home at 4 PM, decided that we hadn’t had Mexican food in a while and the local restaurant had good ratings on Yelp. It was great food (way too much – lunch tomorrow) and the margaritas were wonderful.

Not a lot happened on this portion of the trip but the scenery and quietness was great.

Wednesday we are off to southern Colorado Springs.

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