June 27 – Pueblo Colorado

Heading East to Pueblo. We did enjoy ourselves at Blanca, though there was not a whole lot to do. Traveling east the road was fairly mild, and wide open spaces. We did have one mountain pass to travel over and it was at an elevation of 9300 feet and not too many drop-offs along the shoulders.

Arrived at Pueblo by noon and had easy access off the interstate to the campground.

Speaking of interstates – it has been since mid-May since we have driven on one. It felt strange at first but driving is so much easier on the interstate than some of the other roads we have been. Appreciate Uncle Sam in building them.

Fort’s RV is an older campground or you could say a Mobile Home Park. Majority of the sites are full time live-ins. It is a base (place where we can park our RV and travel out to visit the sites). This isn’t a place to sit outside and watch the birds.

We did go to the Visitor’s Center and pick up some brochures and would you believe it, right across the street was the Shamrock Brewery. We had one and were on our way.

Weather here is hot, 95 degrees today. We are only at an elevation of 4600 feet and you can feel the change in the weather. Taking things slowly.

Tuesday woke up to 70 degrees, but it’s only for the next couple of days. I took off for my bike ride around the city. City map in hand and away I go. Went past two Wal-marts, the zoo, nice city park and then close to the river. Could not find the River Walk trail, save that for tomorrow. Did 18 miles by the time I got home.

Wednesday I thought I knew where the trail along the river went and so I headed out map in hand ready to conquer (or at least find it). I did make it to the river trail and traveled a total for the day of 23 miles. Toward the half way point I lost the trail and later found out that a flood had washed part of the trail away (2 years ago) and it hasn’t been fixed. These Public Work Directors need to budget for what is important.

In fact speaking of PWD’s they need to be on this trail and try and find their way. If they would try and ride it once, they would surely budget more money for signs and potholes.

Warm day, got to 98, Pueblo is the hottest city in Colorado today – wouldn’t you know it!

We smoked ribs today so I sat around and watched the grill and opened a growler from Avalanche Brewery (Silverton).

Thursday no bike ride (let those muscles rest). Did paper work and pay bills. Also, I have found it more difficult in the summer time to snag a campsite, so now I am four campgrounds ahead (I have reservations made till July 15th) I hope my schedule and plans work out.

This afternoon we went to see the Ansel Adams Display at the Sangre de Christo Arts Center. He was an important artist in letting people know about the National Parks and promoting them thru his art work. He did everything in black and white.

After visiting the art gallery we then found the Historic Riverwalk. Quite impressive. The 32 acres park did open in 2000 and is situated along the original channel of the Arkansas River, prior to its diversion following the devastating flood of 1921. We did get caught in a short rain storm on the walk.

We did find a brewery along the walk way and enjoyed one. It is hot today but overcast. They even have riverboats similar to San Antonio River Walk.

When in Pueblo, one must try the local delicacy – the “Slopper”. Created a few years ago, it is two hamburgers and bun topped with green chili, cheese and onions. You can add french-fries to that too. If you are gutsy there is the triple or quad. We tried the regular and Brenda did a half. WOW are we stuffed and hot mouthed. The chili was spicy but we enjoyed the local culture. Now home to unbuckle the belt and put our feet up. We were at Gary’s Coors’ Tavern, which is a story in itself!IMG_1624

Friday Brenda hit the local library and did family research, she has family from Colorado not too far from here. I spent the morning trying to find a couple of more campsites to finish out our Colorado Trip. Why do so many people want to camp in Colorado in the summertime?

I started out on the bike in the afternoon and had to call Brenda after 2-1/2 miles to come and get me – flat tire. Got back and had that fixed with a heavier duty tube. Took off again for the ride and when I looked behind me – the sky was black! I’m not one to ride in the rain, so back home after only getting 10 miles.

Saturday (despite the fact that they were predicting 50% chance of rain) we headed toward Royal Gorge. The day before they predicted rain but nothing happened except a sprinkle. We arrived and sure enough it started to pour and it was 58 degrees. Not prepared (no coats) and not willing to pay $25 each to run out across the bridge and be freezing and run back we decided to skip it (until Monday – weather is supposed to be nice) and do our inside visits today (we had no dogs).

Had my first Colorado Rocky Mountain Oysters.IMG_1626

We stopped at the Abbey Winery and enjoyed a full complimentary tasting and then had lunch at the Royal Gorge Brewery.

Sunday we did find a church to attend in town. Otherwise quiet, I did ride 24 miles out west. Rode the river to Pueblo State Park (dam to reserve water for the city). Nice scenery and great riding (concrete) trail.

Monday – Happy 4th to everyone. Always a great day to celebrate our independence and celebrate those who gave their lives for our freedom!  Did a beer can chicken for dinner.IMG_1633

We went back to Royal Gorge Bridge today. We took the dogs and enjoyed a walk across the bridge (1000 feet above the water and the highest suspension bridge in the US). Dogs were a little nervous when I stopped to take pictures and they could feel the bridge moving.

They did allow our dogs (sign said no pets) on the Gondola across the canyon. That was pretty exciting, they seemed to let us know with their tail wagging.

The canyon was impressive and I was envious of the ones who were rafting so far below and those who got the train ride thru the canyon.

As we were leaving, standing in the line thru the gate, we were carrying the dogs (me Hansel as the heaviest) and a lady behind Brenda commented that she had just lost her doxie in November. Gretel reached over and kissed her. Her comment was “That was a kiss from heaven!” Made you feel good to help someone else, especially with Gretel.

Did stop for lunch at the White Water Bar and enjoyed another “slopper” and a beer.

When we got home the neighbor stopped by and gave us a jar of “chile sauce” which you put on the sloppers. We will have to make our own now. Need to get the recipe.

We grilled a steak and had wine and watched the New York fireworks. You wouldn’t believe how loud and how long the fireworks went off in Pueblo (no city rules on the 4th) – not city sponsored. The locals went wild until at least 1 AM.

You did notice who won $2,000,000 in the Mega Millions, from Pueblo and only a mile from where we had bought our ticket – maybe next time!

Tuesday we are off to Colorado Springs.

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