Friday is my birthday – whole lot of celebrating planned for today – NOT! This is my day and what is most important to me? No not the puppies (though important), no not pickle ball (though I did get an offer to play today), no not Brenda (though she is number one on my list) but the motorhome. It is looking horrible, with all this dust and no rain, I am embarrassed to call it home.

So today we are giving it a bath (only $5 fee to do so plus all my labor). And since we have been wanting to smoke a pork butt, let’s do both.

Got the fire for the grill going by 6 AM and the butt on by 6:30. Not bad for someone who turned 67 today?

Washing the RV is a tedious job, but I stuck to it and finished by 3. Now to the best part of my birthday, I get to open the growler and enjoy a cold one or two.

The butt finished by 6 PM, it was nine pounds (biggest to date that I have smoked) and Brenda began pulling it (get it, pulled pork) and stored away 8 meals plus we enjoyed sandwiches and potato salad tonight.

I had a great birthday, all the kids called, Facebook Friends sent me all kinds of nice wishes, I got the booklet to collect National Park quarters (didn’t even know they were out there, you can see how close I look at money) and Brenda had already filled about half of it with quarters.

Saturday was time to get back on the bike. Rode about 6 miles, no trails but streets and the town is small so there is not a whole lot of territory to cover before you are out on the state highways, which are not fun.

Oh, last night about 10:30 PM I had a phone call from Salt Lake City (was about to hang up thinking a scam call) but it turned out to be the SLC police and they had recovered my bike (not Brenda’s yet). They asked if I could stop right by and pick it up now but I told them I was in Colorado. They said they would hold till I got back in town. Good police work!

After my bike ride we took the puppies and was ready for sightseeing. We started with Hovenweep National Monument.

A site that is preserving more Puebloan Housing but the brick work in these structures are phenomenal for the times. Lots of towers that archeologists suggest were used to protect the people and the water. We were able to walk the puppies between structure (can’t go in, with or without the puppies).

It is starting to get hot (about 92) so the puppies weren’t into a long walk (neither was I or Brenda). We did see some good examples of Puebloan Housing. This time period of buildings was around 1200 to 1300 AD.

After that we headed over to Four Corners Monument. Only place in the United States where 4 states come together. Got my picture. This was out in the middle of the Navajo Reservation and they charged to see it. No dogs allowed so we didn’t stay too long. Many vendors selling their wares.

Home again, home again.

Sunday we found a church that was quite welcoming. Very friendly people. After church we ate lunch at home and then took the puppies and ventured north to Dolores (river town). Small town with little going on. We walked the river trail for a while and then the puppies got too hot or at least they refused to walk anymore. They hid in the shade. It was sunny and about 92 degrees.

Since we were hot we needed a beer, did find a bar by the river and had a nice cold IPA. The local brewery (I believe every town has a least one in Colorado) did not open till 4 PM and we didn’t feel like sticking around that long. Next time!DSC_0005 (2)

Grilled burgers for dinner.

Monday I needed to get back on the bicycle so I headed out toward Dolores. They have no off road trails for bicycles – mountain bikes oh yes but not road bikes. Road 15 miles. Dolores is all uphill on the way there, so the trip home was really easy – all downhill.

Spent rest of today doing maintenance, washed the car, oiled the locks, etc. With all that work I needed a night out, so we headed to Pepperheads (recommended by my brother as the place to eat), but got there and closed on Mondays (and Sunday) so we missed out. Went next door to the Farm Bistro and oh what a treat. I had Moroccan Lamb Meatballs in a curry sauce and Brenda had a risotto with fennel and some special mushrooms. Both were yummy, they use everything fresh and local.

That was our big night out but we enjoyed our time together. We did walk the town and do window shopping.

Tuesday is off to Durango, Colorado.

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