May 25 – Moab Utah – Final

Wednesday was Arches (again) without the dogs and we were geared up to hike (water bottles, hat, granola bars, and camera). We hiked the following trails, the North and South Windows, double Arch and Delicate Arch First and Second View Point.

We did see the Balanced Rock, Petrified Dunes, and Devil’s Garden plus other numerous look outs we stopped along the road.

I hiked the Landscape Arch and the Fiery Furnace.

Arches NP was set aside as a NP because of all the “arches”. There are over 2000 of them within the park. I will admit that we only saw about 20 of them, so I guess the next time we come back, we got more work to do. We did the easy ones.

Thursday Brenda wasn’t in the mood to hike and I wanted to see the Delicate Arch, so I headed off alone. Equipped with water bottle, granola bar and camera – oh yes the hat too. It was a tough trail, rocky areas, slick rock, (thank you rangers for the cairns), edges with sheer drop offs and some easy sections. Elevation rose about 480 feet in 1.5 miles.

But oh when I got to the top, I couldn’t believe the view. There it was – the arch standing all alone on top of a huge rock formation. It was beautiful. It was a spiritual moment when all you can say is WOW!

Sat down and took a variety of pictures and then just sat back and enjoyed the view and all the comments from all the other visitors. Could have sat there all afternoon.

As I was hiking up, I couldn’t help but think I felt like I was on a pilgrimage to “mecca”. We looked like a herd of people heading all in one direction – the goal to see the most photographed arch in the park.DSC_0013

Like all the other views and scenery we have enjoyed seeing, there are not enough words or ways to tell you the thrill we have had visiting all these national Parks.

We have just finished watching the Ken Burns 6 part series on the National Parks. It was a wonderful documentary that explained the history as well as the reason for the NPs. It was America’s Best Idea! Throughout the series it emphasized the healing power of nature – I feel so healthy after these past few weeks touring and hiking in God’s Great Creation.

Dinner at one of the local restaurants – Peace Tree – so many choices and we did have great food.

Friday needed to stretch legs so off on the bike – 20 miles – temp went from 52 to 71 – that’s what’s amazing about the desert, temp changes so quickly.

Moab was a fun city with all kinds of outdoor activities. If you like to be outside this is the city to visit. We are glad to be leaving as the crowds were pouring into the city as we were leaving. Someone told us the non-corporate hotels were renting rooms at $350 at night and all the hotels (campsites too) were filled.

Now it is off to the next stop which is Monticello, Utah for 4 days.

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