May 24 – Moab, Utah – Part 2

Tuesday was Canyonlands with the dogs. They need to see the wonders of nature too. We drove the scenic drive and stopped at all the viewpoints. They hiked along the road to stretch their little legs.

DSC_0010 (2)

There were colorful canyons, mesas, buttes, fins, arches and spires.

I hiked the Upheaval Dome First Overlook. Not too stressful but what a view. They still are debating whether a meteor caused the deep hole or a natural phenomenon created the upheaval of the earth. What is amazing is the dome inside the crater.

We both hiked to Mesa Arch (separately as we could not take the dogs on the trail and it was too hot to leave then in the car). It was worth the 1 mile hike.

The Grand View Point was another awe inspiring moment.

Canyonlands is huge in acreage and so vast in looking out over the park (it’s so big).

I am still fascinated by the Cairns – you remember – those rock piles.  I did find one that would make any engineer proud – over designed you might say.  the second picture is a ranger designed cairn.

To keep the pictures to a minimum I will call this part 2 with 3 to follow.
Then to Arches!

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