May 20 – Moab Utah – Part 1

Oh what a difference a few miles make! That is with the landscape! We drove east from Torrey, Utah and the landscape was all red rock. Just past the Capitol Reef NP the rock turned to white and a short distance past that it turned to grey. Oh a boring trip across the desert (the grey section), but the ride was easy and safe.

Arrived at Slickrock RV Park fairly early in the afternoon and got our assigned space. After three people had to move their vehicles we were able to get into our site. It was a tight fit. They do reverse parking here so I am about a foot from my neighbor on one side and on the door side I look directly into my other neighbor’s door. Roads are dirt (dusty) and lots of kids running around.

Lots of Jeeps in the park.

Despite how crowded it was over last weekend, the rest of the week we did not have anyone camped to us on either side, so we felt a little openness (besides we didn’t spend too much time sitting around camp.

Stopped at the Moab Visitors Center and picked up a few brochures. The man behind the counter recommended we leave town next weekend as it will get bizarre. Last year they had to close the Arches NP because there were too many people entering it and there was no parking.

You see we have a dilemma – we have no campsite for Memorial Weekend – traveling fulltime 1) I forget which day it is, 2) we don’t reserve sites that far ahead, 3) we have no idea where we will be and 4) I hate to have a commitment and have to be somewhere by some date. Let’s see how this turns out.

Driving around town, I take this town to be a town of “adventure”, whether you want to hang glide, balloon ride, hummer tours, ATV, Jeep rentals, mountain bike rentals, canoes, white water and the list goes on. If you are looking for fun, this is the place.

Saturday I took off on the Moab Bike Trail (right out front of the park) that was quite impressive. I rode 20 miles round trip, even had a 600 foot rise in 4 miles, and with this new bike it was fairly easy. The wind picked up toward the end and it got a little tough.

After lunch Brenda and I did two National Parks – that is we visited then briefly without the puppies. We did both movies, stamps and refrig magnet. We visited Canyonlands and Arches. We will return to drive the scenic drive with the puppies. First impressions were WOW!

Sunday off to church, the only local LCMS church in town with an average of 11 in attendance. The people were so welcoming, in fact the preacher had come from 120 miles away that day, not the every Sunday preacher. Enjoyed the worship and fellowship.

Brenda wanted to do some ancestral research, so I enjoyed the day outside and walked the dogs and visited with the neighbors. We have a family from Switzerland next door – and I mean right next door – remember how close we are – in fact we share a picnic table. They are in the States for 16 weeks and touring the country in a rented RV. They are having a blast.

We did discuss the idea of taking a break every now and then. It does get stressful chasing down all the scenic vistas and cultural monuments (locations) every day. So I sat back in the chair and relaxed for the rest of the rest of the day.

Brenda found Elk Burgers and a Bison Steak in the grocery store, so we grilled them up for dinner. Pretty tasty.

Monday I took off on my 20 mile bike ride and oh how I love to watch the scenery fly by – not too stressful.

I guess dinosaurs are a big deal in this area.  I believe they have found dinosaur tracks.

We then headed out to Arches NP with the dogs – they need to see some of this great creation. And we try and find a road for them to walk and stretch their little legs.

It’s just amazing how each NP is different. I just can’t describe in words what we are seeing. A few pics will help. We drove all the roads and stopped at the different viewpoints along the way.


The picture on the right is the three gossips.

This is Balanced Rock that I am holding up LOL.  And one of the arches we saw.

After Arches we headed east on Highway 128 paralleling the Colorado River. Oh what can I say but how spectacular this scenic drive is. High cliffs and rushing water – I guess you could say a miniature Grand Canyon. We stopped at some of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) campgrounds along the river. It would really be nice to snag a place (we still don’t have a site for Memorial Weekend). Talked to the Camp Host (oh what a job that would be in this area) and she suggested riding thru the campsite and seeing who is checking out early. Otherwise all the campgrounds in the area are FULL.

We will stop at this point and break this trip down in parts because there is so much to see and describe.

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