May 10 – Salt Lake City – Final

Before anyone thinks Amanda is torturing her parents, she is actually trying to make us healthier. She and Stu have been great hosts (great daughter) for us while we have been in Salt Lake City, in fact, more than I expected. More to come later on the torture.

Tuesday Brenda and I headed to the Golden Spike National Monument.

They were celebrating 147 years since that first golden spike was pounded in and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. They had a reenactment of the event with people in character outfits and two steam engines. It was quite the event. Saw two steam engines coming from the east and west.

The Telegraph Operator was an important player as he let the rest of the USA know that the east and the west was now connected.  Didn’t have Facebook!

After the Golden Spike, we found the Rooster Brewery in Ogden Utah for an afternoon beer. We had to include celery and carrots as part of our order.

Wednesday I went shopping – REI for a new bike. Checked the reviews and bought the one I test rode on Monday, moved up from a Hybrid as I seem to do more and more riding. Also bought a stronger lock to make sure the stolen bike issue doesn’t happen again. Spent the rest of the day getting it in order –odometer, adjust seat, and figuring out how to use the lock.IMG_1453

Amanda came over for dinner after work and then we went on a hike on the Ensign Peak Trail (one mile roundtrip and up 364 feet). Like I told you, she doesn’t like to sit still and she is 6 months pregnant. We all made it and I always say, the hike is worth the view. This is the torture I have been talking about. Its seems like torture walking up these mountains but in the end we are much better off for making the hike – at least that’s what I keep telling Brenda.

Ensign Peak is where the Mormons viewed the Salt Lake Valley and said this is the place.

Thursday Brenda sewed baby stuff and I rode the bike. I was amazed, I did a 20 mile bike ride in less than 2 hours. Not bad considering the trail has numerous street crossings and slowdowns along the way.

Had dinner at Amanda’s and then – you guessed it – hiking time! We actually did two trails (missed the names and distance) and even got to see a sunset. The thrill of hiking.IMG_1451

Friday rode 30 miles, enjoyed the ride south of SLC along the Jordan River Trail. It is flat and easy. Brenda was with Amanda doing the baby stuff during the day. Smoked a pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon with Amanda and Stu and it really turned out yummy.

Saturday, Amanda chose to hike to the top of a mountain, Grandeur Peak Trail.

Little did we know it was 3.5 miles one way and up 2300 feet. We reached an elevation of 8200 feet.

I thought Brenda was going to die, but she stuck it out to the top. What a view. Now remember Amanda is 6 months pregnant.  She received lots of high fives for being on the trail.

It took us about 4 hours up and 2 and half down.DSC_0020

Both Brenda and I fell on the way down as we were so tired our legs gave out. I actually missed the edge and fell about 6 feet over the edge and got stuck on a small tree (Sorry no picture).  DSC_0055 We are still together despite all the trails (or trials) we have climbed.

Even got to play in the snow, we were so high (elevation wise that is).

That evening Amanda and Stu had a birthday dinner for the both of us with shrimp, steak and Tiramisu. It was also very yummy. I wish I would remember to take pictures of everything that is good.

And again we had a great time in Salt Lake City with Amanda and Stu and look forward to coming back in August to see the baby boy (no name yet). If you ever want to hike, Amanda and Stu are always ready to lead.

Sunday heading back to the National Parks (and rest – lol), starting with Capital Reef in southern Utah.

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