May 7 – Salt Lake City Utah – Part 3

Today was Brenda’s birthday, won’t comment on which year but she is wonderful – like wine – better with age!

Saturday we headed to Thanksgiving Point (south of Salt Lake City and a new town development) to the Tulip Festival at their Gardens.

It was impressive with a lot of people there. Unfortunately a hail. storm had blown through the night before and a lot of tulips were gone.


We did see a Great Horned Owl with 3 babies.DSC_0161

Stu and his business partner hosted a party in the evening for “new beginnings” as it seemed that everyone who was invited was starting on a new venture (business wise that is or even in life). Had a great time as they BBQed ribs, steaks and all the food that goes with a great picnic.

Stu had even made a goat Piñata and the three birthday people got to whack away. Brenda was one of them.IMG_1417

Brenda did have a great birthday.

Sunday we were able to attend church, caught a brewery after for lunch, then we went to the Planetarium with Amanda to see the National PARK 3D movie, which was great. Robert Redford had narrated it and the scenery was spectacular.IMG_1420

That evening we went to Stu’s parents’ house to have a Mother’s Day Dinner. Met the family and it was a great time.

Monday you guessed it, time to find a new bike. Headed over to REI and review their bike selection. Found a road bike (more speed and easier to get up hills, than my previous bike). Took it for a test ride and said I will think about it. Need to review the reviews from others.

Amanda stopped by while I was gone and she and Brenda went over to get their eyebrows done – whatever they do to eyebrows.

Speaking of eyebrows, one of the ladies at the party Saturday night was impressed with my eyebrows – I guess I should leave them just the way they are – lol!

When I got back Amanda indicated we needed to bring our swimsuits and get in her car. After a trip across the mountains we came to the Homestead Crater. It is a 55 foot high 400 foot diameter travertine dome with warm water flowing from a hot spring. First time we had soaked in a hot spring under ground and enjoyed the time floating.

On our trip back we stopped and explored Park City – home to the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Then dinner at Lucky 13 for SLC famous burgers and I can assure you they were great. I had a Nutty burger that had peanut butter and bacon on it. Oh the calories and we always appreciate being able to enjoy the “local culture”.IMG_1432

There is still more to come but I am beginning to believe that Amanda is out to torture us.

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