May 3 – Salt Lake City Utah – Part 2

Continuing the saga of our wonderful stop in Salt Lake City with Amanda and Stu.

Tuesday was cleaning day – how exciting! – Yes you have to take time to clean the RV – it does get dusty. I worked outside and cleaned the sewer connection basement (storage under the floor) bay and disinfected it – it’s been a while. Also got the bugs off the front of the RV. Otherwise we took it easy – yes we do that too.

We smoked a salmon on the grill and had Amanda and Stu over for dinner.

Wednesday we became tourists and headed downtown to see the Mormon History Museum and Brenda wanted to investigate the Genealogy Building, which is supposed to be the biggest in the world. She didn’t sit down but wanted to see where it was and what she needed to bring to investigate her family.

At the History Museum it was interesting how much effect the Mormons had on the development of the Southwest. So many things are named after spiritual references (Zion, Temple etc). Yes they were persecuted for their beliefs but they never gave up the determination to find a land and settle in it.

We did lunch at a brewery and headed home. Josh and Leah were calling on Facetime. Enjoyed visiting with them on the phone and hearing of their sailing experience. They are now certified sailors.

Went to Amanda and Stu’s for dinner. Nice evening with them discussing maps and the Utah – Colorado area.

Thursday is Brenda’s sewing day so I headed out on the bike and rode 30 miles. Been a while since I rode that many miles but the weather was nice and the trail is fairly flat, despite the mountains that surround this city. I only wish they had better signage.

I will admit, Salt Lake City to date is probably the best with bike trails and routes for bicycles.

To celebrate the ride and Cinco de Mayo we headed to the Red Iguana (short distance from the campground). Had to wait (half an hour) at 5 PM to get in but it was so worth it. I had the Chile Relleno en Nogada (filled with beef, pork raisins, cranberries, apricots, pine nuts covered with walnut sauce and garnished with pomegranate seeds) and my mouth watered as I ate it, it was so good. I had never tasted anything so delicious. Despite the fact the margaritas were small for what you paid for them, the food was outstanding.

Friday I could hear the thunder outside so I went out to double check my bike covers and put away the lawn chairs. Oh what a shock when I didn’t see my bikes – someone had stolen them last night, How mad was I? – Those bikes were so important to our traveling and riding for exercise. Did report it to the office and they did have a report of a woman leaving the park with two bikes. I called the police and they took the report but as of this evening I have not heard anything.

Today Amanda picked us up and we went downtown to the Temple Square for a special tour. Stu’s dad works in Audio Video with the LDS and gave us a special inside tour. You wouldn’t believe the equipment and controls they have. They have the world’s biggest light system. Their auditorium seats 21,000 people. It was a technological wonder. We even got to go down under and see the many facets of recording when doing a major choir production.

Stu had brought along another guy he had been working with and it turned out he is from the Congo (Africa) and is running for president of that country. He had quite a philosophy of how the government should run and he had learned much of it from America. He said we should be glad to be here and not anywhere else in the world. His goodbye translated was “I am who I am because of you”. So much to learn from others.  That has been a great blessing on this adventure.    DSC_0040

Did lunch at a little German deli that had wonderful food (sauerkraut was excellent) and then Brenda and Amanda went shopping for more baby stuff and I went home to get the additional information for the police and insurance.

Brenda and Amanda had a chance in the afternoon to go shopping.

More to come.

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