April 29, Salt Lake City, Utah – Part 1

Long ride from Bryce Canyon to Salt Lake City, that is in miles. I can assure you it wasn’t boring and that the scenery was spectacular. It is just amazing watching the scenery pass through the huge RV front windshield. It almost feels like an IMAX movie as you catch the scenes passing by the side windows too. Lots of mountains and trees.

All didn’t go well, we ran into a snow storm at 8000 feet crossing a mountain pass, and we weren’t the fastest traveling that stretch of highway. Then at a lower elevation we hit a huge rain storm and cars were all over the side of the road. We moved along slowly but safely. Again great time for lunch.

Arrived at Salt Lake City KOA about 3 PM and it seems to be a nice campground. Paved roads, grass (yes that is grass that the dogs haven’t seen since Florida), good wifi, and some trees (not too high to block satellite) and right in front of the park gate is the Utah TRAX (street car system) so we can go anywhere and a bike trail is nearby, so I can ride I hope every day.IMG_1402

Amanda (Brenda’s daughter) showed up after work and we visited. She brought tamales and we enjoyed them. Stu (Amanda’s significant other and future son-in-law) came later as he was still working. We had a good visit, it’s been a while (St. Louis) since we have seen them. Did I say that Amanda is pregnant?DSC_0065

Saturday, yes Brenda had to go shopping and I wanted to investigate the bike trail. Came to a dead end and followed the road downtown and rode around the Mormon Temple and then connected back with the trail and headed north (made 14 miles). Trail is old but quite scenic. No matter where you are in Salt Lake City you can see the mountains and they are still snowcapped this time of year.

That afternoon Amanda and Stu took us over to the Tracy Aviary Park. It is the America’s oldest and largest bird park. We saw all kinds of birds and the docents were wonderful as they told you all about the birds and gave you opportunities to take pictures. We did walk around the rest of the park and it was similar to Forest Park in STL.

For dinner we went to Moochies (a Diners Drive-ins and Dives (3D)) restaurant. Guy Fieri’s recommendation of the Meatball sub was right on.IMG_1406

Sunday we went to church but the time listed in our app was off by 2 hours so we met up with Amanda and Stu and we headed out to Antelope Island. We saw many buffaloes and a couple of coyotes. We hiked a trail over 1000 feet up and about a mile long – what a view. Need to get in better shape before we come to Amanda’s house.

This island is in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. Finally got to see the lake and the water level is down quite a bit due to the drought. But it was huge.DSC_0138 (2)

And I have to say something about the Brine Flies, they were the worst ever.  You could not walk anywhere (until we got to a higher elevation with a  good wind) without those flies biting and covering you up.DSC_0005

Monday, Amanda took off work and her and Brenda spent time together – what else – shopping! There are baby things to discuss and get ready.

I went for a bike ride. Ended up riding 22 miles, got lost near the end and ended up downtown. The trail was really nice as it went through numerous parks. The only problem was the lack of signs on the trail to indicate which way to go.

If you visit Amanda and Stu, be ready to go.  They like to hike and see things and we have had a great time.

End of Part 1 and more to come.

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