April 26 – Bryce Canyon, Utah

Oh is Utah Beautiful! The drive from Zion to Bryce was an easy drive and short, only 56 miles. No complaints.

Arrived at Red Canyon RV Park before noon. Small campground, paved roads and gravel lots, decent size and no trees. Office said pick out the site you want. I asked for the rules and he said we have none, but expect you to respect those around you. So good to hear some common sense like that.

First trip out was to Bryce Canyon Visitor’s Center. We watched the movie and got our stamp. Perused the store and bought my refrigerator magnet. Got info to plan our next couple of days.DSC_0001

We also swung over to Panguitch, the local community near the campground to see what was available. No Walmart or named grocery store. A few cowboy stores and a national historic district downtown.

Bryce Canyon rangers were hosting a Hoodoo Song presentation. Tuesday night. It was good (that it was inside and not outside in the cold) about listening to the possible sounds in nature. It reminded us to use all our senses instead of just being WOWED by the scenery. They even made a comment that if you felt there was noise pollution to report it.

We arrived a half hour early for the presentation and wanted a glass of wine at the Lodge. You can’t believe Utah law, no drinks without food. The manager actually had to bring bread and set our table and on our bill list an entrée and then compliment it (deleted the cost) so that we could have a glass of wine. Oh what a State!

Wednesday the weather was overcast and 33 degrees – oh burr.

Not winter hikers we decided to take the dogs and there is one trail they that could hike on. We hiked from Sunset to Sunrise Point, about a mile. The dogs again said WOW.

It is so hard to describe the scenery. It is magnificent, it is amazing and it is so wonderful to look at. See some of the pictures below. The fiery colors and endless vistas makes such a dreamy landscape. There is such a sense of peace and joy as you walk along the rim and see God’s creation.

I do have to tell you about Brenda’s good work – every time she sees someone taking a picture of part of a family, she volunteers to take the whole family. She has photos all over the world. We have met people from China, France, and India etc. It has been interesting talking to others about their travels.

A lot of the foreign travelers rent an RV and away they go. We see more rentals than people in their own RVs at this time.

After our hike with the dogs we drove the rest of Bryce Canyon. It is 18 miles long and has numerous viewpoints that provide stopping points to a wonderful view. And it did snow so that we could not see the mountains in the distance.

Thursday, oh no – more snow. Yes it snowed overnight (about an inch and 32 degrees) and I even saw the snow plow go by on the State Road – go Utah!DSC_0076

Weather finally cleared and we headed east to hike. First stop was Red Canyon and we hiked the Hoodoos and Pink Ledges Trails. Great pictures and some exercise.

Did you ever wonder where the term “you live in Podunk” meaning came from? At Red Canyon, they had an outpost that travelers would stop at along the trail and this one was actually called “Podunk”.

We then headed further east to Mossy Cave, which is a part of the Bryce National Park, but did not require us to go through the main gate. This location is not visited by many people because the trail starts outside the normal park. This trail led us to a water fall where the Mormons had created a manmade irrigation ditch through the area to provide water. The climb was not intense but got our hearts beating.

We also saw a cave (overhang area) that had continuous water flowing from it.DSC_0097

Headed home for the afternoon and we saw some Prong Horn Antelopes.

The rain (lower elevations) started up. We pulled out a beverage and watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon. And I didn’t feel guilty.

The snow got so bad that evening that the satellite went out, I guess it was coming down heavy and blocked the signal. What would we find in the morning?

Friday, yes we had more snow on the ground but after a couple of hours the highway was clear. It was a muddy mess packing up in the snow and wet ground.

We got everything put away and we headed for Salt Lake City, Utah.

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