April 9 – Tucson Arizona – Final

I will have to say it is bittersweet to be leaving the Rincon RV Resort in Tucson, Arizona. I’m usually not too sentimental about moving on, but I have to say that I had a great experience and will never forget the people at Rincon.

First of all my brother Dave and Fran were great hosts. They included us in all the activities with their friends and I suspect gave up time with their friends to be with us. We got along really well and was able to play fair in all things. Though I did enjoy beating him at Pickle ball and he probably enjoyed beating me. Even together we were able to win some games.

I have never met so many people in a short time and had to remember their names. It was a challenge! We were invited to all kinds of potlucks, gatherings and activities, but seeing the people over and over gave me a chance to get to know some new “friends”. No matter what you were doing the people in Rincon were welcoming and friendly.

Brenda also had her new friends and people she was involved with in pottery and quilting.

Without sounding like the PR person for Rincon, there was always something to do for everyone (if you wanted to do something). If you were bored, it was your own fault.

We leave with fond memories and the idea that we will return, but next time for a longer period of time.

Just want to leave this aspect of trip with some of my favorite pictures . . .





See you soon Tucson!

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