March 21 – Tucson, Arizona – Part 4

If I had to pick one thing we did in Tucson that was most exciting, I would have to say the trip to Mexico. We left Saturday morning heading south to the land of enchantment or so they say.

We arrived at Nogales, AZ about 10 AM and crossed the border into Nogales, Mexico.  We did walk across.

Yes we did have our passports to get back. Dave and Fran was with us as they travel into Mexico for the dentist, as does many people in this area. I understand the Mexican doctors many were trained in America and went back to set up a practice. The prices are so much cheaper than in America.

Arriving in Mexico we were met by many vendors and individuals selling their wares and goods. We saw blankets, pottery, knick-knacks, pharmacy supplies, tequila, bake goods. The list goes on. Anything you might need or think you might need.  Many pharmacies with men at the door offering the little blue pill.

After touring the area, Brenda is quoted as saying “If you can’t eat it (or drink it) we don’t need it”. It was exciting seeing all the vendors and stuff for sale, but we didn’t buy anything but the tequila.

I was impressed by the homes built on the hillside.  They look like they were Legos and just stacked wherever.DSC_0042

First thing on to do list was to buy street tacos from a cart.

They were fresh and good.

We then explored the town and viewed the architecture, which seemed to be whatever anyone wanted to create.  Saw first the church and the reverence that people showed toward the church.

Can’t go to Mexico without buying Tequila. We visited a store and the lady encouraged us to try at least 5 different samples of tequila before buying. After that it was easy to buy a bottle.

Commercialism is even in Mexico and yes there are some areas that need help.

You can’t go to Mexico without a Margarita and chips, Dave knew a place. We stopped and enjoyed a nice cold one on the rocks. To our surprise the waiter brought over complimentary tequila shots.  Happy after our drinks!

Walking around town, we came across a dance group performing. They were from the University and they were good. Even though we couldn’t understand Spanish, we understood the song thru the dance, naturally it was a love song and a man pursuing the woman.

Can’t go to Mexico without trying their beer, Dave knew a place for $1 beers. To our pleasant surprise, they also served a complimentary shot of tequila. Feeling no pain by now, not really, we had walked a lot and this all was over a 4 hour period.

Talk about people trying to sell stuff, this gentlemen even asked me to pay $5 for a picture with his donkey, I kept walking.DSC_0049

Heading back to the USA, it took an hour and half to get across the border. There were so many people heading north that it was quite the process. No problem getting across, but I would hate to do this on a daily basis.  You could see the wall in the second picture.

We really enjoyed Mexico and seeing the culture that seems worlds away but it right across the border.  Traveling south improves our attitude toward life in America.

We as USA citizens need to appreciate what we have and to support those that provide us with such a good life.  Traveling opens the eyes and makes the heart grow fonder for what we have and who we are.  God Bless America and Mexico.

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