March 14 – Tucson, Arizona – Part 3

Besides all the eating and drinking and playing pickle ball and riding the bike we did take some trips.

On Saturday March 5 we headed south to Tubac. An old Mexican town with a lot of shopping and tourist’s shops.

We first stopped at the Spice Shop (family owned business) on the way, and I can assure you that whatever spice you wanted, she had it for you in whatever quantity. It was quite the shop. Brenda and Dave (the brother that cooks) had a great time tasting and choosing spices for future dishes.

We then went to Tumacacori Historical Park and watched the video and got our stamp for the passport book. These missions were set up in the 1600’s and Spain used them to convert the native people to Catholicism.

They had Native Americans selling fresh fried tortilla shells that were yummy by themselves.DSC_0021

We finally got to Tubac and began investigating all the stores. The town started in 1752 and many old buildings are in great shape. If you wanted any kind of furniture, decoration, jewelry etc, they had it, over 80 galleries. Some great art work was displayed. We don’t get too excited as we have no place to keep any of the art work.

One thing you do learn in the southwest is that anytime is the right time for a Margarita. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed a great Margarita in Tubac.DSC_0034

Wednesday the 9th I got a chance to go with my brother and three other guys to Phoenix to watch a “cactus” league spring training baseball game. Saw the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies play. It is so much fun to see the players up close.

Will be going to Phoenix after Tucson and hope to catch another game or two.

Monday the 14th Brenda and I visited the Saguaro National Park. Yes the movie and the stamp. The National Park is divided into two areas (east and west) with the city of Tucson in the middle. The cacti was so impressive. Thousands of them with their long arms stretched up into the heavens. The natives believe the arms uplifted have certain meanings but I have not found out what it meant to them.

It was something to see so many cacti and it went on and on for 1000’s of acres. The climate here is good for the Saguaro cactus and they are huge.

Did you notice that I have a hat on?  I have never worn a hat before but this Arizona sun is so hot!  I wear it all the time if I am outside.

We did visit both areas of the NP and on our second trip, took the dogs so they could hike along the roads.  The flowers in the desert are just coming into bloom and they are so beautiful.

I am so glad our government continues to maintain these parks so that our grandkids and beyond will have a chance to see the wonders of nature.

Have to conclude for now as soon we will be heading out for dinner and drinks. Oh retired life is so difficult!

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