March 7 – Tucson AZ – Part 2

Need to take time and sit down and start writing about what we are doing. I can say that there hasn’t been a whole lot of time when we wondered “what should we do?” Without going in to all the details of our activities, I will summarize some of those events.

One of the things I was looking forward to when I arrived, was to play pickle ball. I had played once in Florida and really enjoyed the challenge and sport of it. It is designed for older adults and is like tennis, badminton, ping pong etc.. I encouraged my brother Dave to play and this became almost a daily activity. Usually start about 8:30 AM and play for three hours. You are tired by that time and it is hot.

Both my brother and I have sore legs but we have also improved tremendously over the last 4 weeks. We are not considered “competitive” but we have reached the “intermediate” class. We can play with the best of them.
Looking ahead to the next campground, I am evaluating the ones that have pickle ball as an activity.

This is a very popular activity, as they have 8 courts (4 players per court) here and every day they are full until it gets too hot.DSC_0015

Speaking of weather, it has been in the high 80’s on a daily basis and I haven’t seen rain for over two months. I now know why this place is a desert. You never have to plan for the weather as it is always dry. It does cool off at night and becomes very comfortable.  But when it does get hot the dogs like to cool off too! IMG_1281

With this kind of weather, the swimming pool is always inviting. Haven’t swam as much as I would like too. There seems to be too many other things going on. We have been in the pool and they even have BBQ grills there so we have ate dinner at the pool on a few occasions.

The weather is also great for bike riding. Again, I haven’t done as much as I would like to (pickle ball seems too dominant). I have done a 25 and a 21 and smaller rides so far. What is really nice is there is no humidity and therefore no sweating. They have a bike trail right outside the park and it goes on for miles along a “wash” (that’s what they refer to as a river that has no water in it). It does flow in July they say during the monsoons. IMG_1280

Oh yes those are horses on the trail.

They have a bike riding club in the park and I got on their email list. The first invite was to a “beer – bike” ride. We rode 3 miles to a western saloon (Lazy V) and drank a few pitchers of beer and then road home. When it’s 80 degrees plus outside the beer sure tasted good.

The other activity that has been enjoyable is sharing meals with my brother and Fran. We have traded off eating at each other’s place and going out for dinner. Since Dave has been here for three years, he knows the town and we have been able to eat at some of the local establishments that most people wouldn’t go to. Those are the places that have great food.

We have been doing fish on Friday’s for lent. Churches here don’t do it like in St Louis, but the restaurants have picked up the slack.IMG_1272

We have done sushi night, Sonoran dog (hot dog wrapped in bacon in a Mexican bun), Italian and other types. There are more times we went out.

At home I have smoked a turkey, smoked salmon, grilled kabobs and Easter we are going to double smoke a ham. Dave has deep fried fish and we even had a little bit of rattlesnake (tastes like chicken).IMG_1283

I do have to say that my brother and Fran has been the best and most gracious hosts.

More to come!

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