February 28 – Tucson AZ – Part 1

Anyone who has not traveled in a motorhome cross country is really missing something. Our trip from Las Cruces New Mexico to Tucson Arizona was about a 6 hour trip across the desert. Miles and miles of desert and mountains in the background. As I was driving, it felt like I was watching an old western on TV (but bigger screen). The front window made the scenery come alive and you could catch all the views right in front of you. I kept expecting the Lone Ranger and Tonto to come galloping in front of me. The scenery changed constantly and was beautiful and worth the drive.

Arrived in Tucson at Rincon West RV Park. Now this is a campground, it has over 1000 lots (maybe half are permanent park models with carports). Paved roads, palm trees, well landscaped and oh so much to do. DSC_0001

We received a packet with calendar and groups and activities to get involved.

After reading the list, I felt like a little boy in a toy factory. What do I do first? There is pickle ball, tennis, trains, woodworking, pottery, quilting, coffee shop, jewelry, Mahjong, dancing, concerts, bike riding, motorcycling, hiking, potlucks, swimming, exercise, weightlifting, Bocce, Bingo, and this list goes on and on. Oh what am I going to do first?

That is a pickle ball court – more about that later.  Outdoor train layout _ huge

My brother (who lives here 7 months out of the year and I don’t blame him as his other home is in Michigan) met us as we arrived and we parked, set up and enjoyed a beer together along with his better-half Fran.

This is Dave and Fran’s Park model.

Now let me tell you about the weather. It has been dry, no humidity, and warm, it couldn’t be more perfect.  Notice the blue blue skies!

Did I tell you we are on a flight path for the airport and Davis Monahan Air Base? As they say, that is the sound of freedom!DSC_0004 (2)

This has been a fantastic camp (park) resort and we will be back. Stories of what we did will follow soon. It has been hard to set aside time to write when you are so busy doing.

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