February 24 – Las Cruces, New Mexico

Easy ride this morning, only 153 miles. Good weather and not a whole lot of traffic until we went thru El Paso. We didn’t stop, but will save that for a separate trip to explore more in depth.

Campground Hacienda RV and Resort is a nice one, as the price indicates but we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves. Paved roads, no dust, great wifi – Brenda is happy.  Dogs enjoying the afternoon.IMG_1243

Thursday we need to get out and see something. First trip was to White Sands National Monument. On the way we came across White Sands Missile Range. Once we had our background check and got a visitors pass we were able to only visit the museum.  Brenda was a little concerned, but we did check out.DSC_0095

When we went thru the guard’s gate he asked if I had taken a picture of the entrance way and I had to admit I did. He stood there and made me delete it.

It was interesting reading the history of the base and some of the experiments and testing that was done there. Did you know that the first test of the atomic bomb was performed in this area? Perhaps you already knew that but I have been learning so much, it is just fascinating seeing and learning about history.

This is the location where USA tested the V2 rocket which was captured from Germany during world War II. The V2 was the first man made item to go into space.DSC_0108

This is also the location where the white man finally ran the Apache Indians off. They had a display of all the battles within the area.

Also near the museum was the missile park. A display of all the missiles that were tested from this site. Quite a few.DSC_0111

We went into Alamogordo to view the town and have lunch. It is right at the base of the mountains and right next to an Air Force base.

After lunch we got to White Sands National Monument and did the video and got my stamp. This site is 275 square miles of white sand which is made up of gypsum that has eroded from the mountains. It was so impressive.

We were able to drive into the sand dunes and walk the dogs in the sand. Gretel just loves to run in the sand. There was sand as far as you could see. People were even sledding down the dunes in round sleds. We didn’t attempt it. We hiked for a while and enjoyed the weather.

Friday visited the historic town of Old Mesilla. It was an old town that had a variety of stores, pepper stores, crafts stores, an old church, restaurants and old houses.

We did discover the Spotted Dog Brewery and they had excellent beer.

Saturday we went to the Farmers market and Craft show that takes up at least 5 long blocks of the city. They had people playing music, and selling wares and food. It was a great place to spend the morning.

In the afternoon, Brenda went to the Quilt show being held at the convention center and I rode my bike ride 22 miles. They have a fantastic bike trail that circles the city. It runs in front of New Mexico State University. And I found the Bosque Brewery along the trail.

We did Smoked Salmon that night and unlike our normal pattern, later went to the St. Clair winery (which is the state’s largest winery) and there was no room to taste or sit. It was jammed packed that night. We then went across the street to the Luna Rossa Winery which had really good wine and we need to stop here on the next trip and have something to eat.

Las Cruces is the Green Chile Capital of the world and they have the Green Chile trail. We did not get to eat our way along that path. There is still so much to see here, but we will save it for a later time.

The other thing I noticed was the trees and cacti are beginning to bloom.

Sunday on our way to Tucson Arizona.

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