February 23 – Guadalupe Mountains

This is the unexpected blog! Didn’t get off to a good start this morning, today may be a day of unexpecteds. First of all, I was ready to take my shower and there was no water. Walked the dogs instead and saw the broken water main that had flooded a small area of the park.

Trip to Guadalupe Mountains was unexpected as the stay over was not in on our original plan. The trip was only an hour away and uneventful.

We headed out without a reservation because on a Tuesday and cooler weather we were expecting an empty campground. We arrived and got the last available RV site, hard to believe that the campground was filled. Only $4 to stay the night (no water or electricity, so we are boon docking). Senior Pass gets us 50% off normal rental fee.DSC_0086

We went to the visitor’s center and watched the video and got the stamp. Their store was being refurnished so I didn’t get my refrig magnet. It was interesting how the mountains were formed (goes against creation theory) but does provide answers to the how and why.

We took the dogs for a hike on the only trail that dogs could walk. Asked why dogs couldn’t do the other trails (85 miles of trails) and they said it was to protect the dogs as the Javelinas and mountain lions would attack.

The other unexpected or surprise was that as we were hiking it began to snow. Yes snowflakes, no accumulation. Temp this afternoon is 39 degrees. We are at 5500 feet elevation. Should be interesting tonight as quiet hours are 8 PM to 8 AM and that means we cannot run the generator or have electric heat between those hours.

The mountains were beautiful!  First Guadalupe Peak is the highest point in Texas (we did not hike to the top)

and second El Capitan stands out as quite the monument.


Wednesday we woke up to 38 degrees at 5:30 AM and it was cold. Looked outside for snow and there was none. Thank you thank you!  This was sunset before we went to sleep.DSC_0085

Got the coffee pot going (didn’t think about how much battery power was left) and got most of the pot done and the alert went off that the battery power had shut off. You see the batteries feed an inverter that converts DC power into 120 volt electricity and there is only so much the batteries can store. Unexpectedly we had no electricity and according to the rules, we couldn’t start the generator. So we talked and drank the coffee, which was quickly getting cold as time went on.

Finally at 7, I started the generator and got us back into business. We were on the road by 8:30. Many unexpected things happened on this small portion of our trip but that’s the joy of being flexible and rolling with whatever happens. Life doesn’t go as planned and we should be ready for whatever comes our way.

Off to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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