February 8 – Del Rio, Texas

Leaving San Antonio was sad as there was so much yet to do but time had us moving on. We really did like SA and will want to return in the future. In fact, Texas has been more impressive than originally thought.

Ride over to Del Rio was too bad except for the speed limits. I don’t drive over 60 and all the roads were 70 plus and they were not in great shape the further you got away from the big city. I guess the less traffic, the less they maintain the roads.

Holiday Trav’L RV Park is an older park, gravel lots, older trailers and even permanent covers over the trailers. I guess they plan on staying. IMG_1176The wifi is good so Brenda is happy.

Tuesday we were out in field at 6:20 AM in our bathrobes and all. We were out to see the lineup of the five planets that were visible by the naked eye at that time in the morning. We did see them but the pictures did not turn out that great. We saw Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.

Late morning we visited the Amistad National Recreation Area. Watched the movie and got my stamp. This reservoir was created in 1969 for flood control, water storage, power generation and recreation. This is the third largest man made flood control lake. What is really interesting is it was a joint project between Mexico and the US, in fact if you are boating on the lake you can travel to Mexico without any trouble. I expect somewhere someone is watching.

If you enjoy fishing this is the place to go.  Not much else to do.

In the afternoon, we picked up the puppies and took them hiking along the trails within the Amistad park. They enjoyed that a whole lot. Even went down by the water (a lot of marinas in this lake). Hansel was hot and even walked in the water to cool off.

We looked at another area that was called “rough canyon” that had high canyon walls adjacent to the water. We couldn’t get close to the Dam because we didn’t have our passports with us and it is on the Mexican border.DSC_0046

Did I tell you about how blue the sky is here? Today was about 75 degrees and not a cloud around. The blueness of the sky was something I don’t think I have seen before. I guess the pollution level is so low that the blueness just pops out.

Wednesday weather getting warmer, expected 80 degrees

Took a bike ride to Mexico today. Rode about 4 miles to get to the Mexican border. Guards did ask if I had my passport to get back into USA. Yes I did. Rode to the center of the Amistad Dam and was able to take pictures of the borderline and monument to celebrate the creation of this lake. Did you know that Amistad means “Friendship” which it took between the two countries to create such a Natural Recreation environment? They say if you like to fish this is the place to be.

Continued bike ride to the Mexican Customs but choose not to officially cross the border. I don’t speak Spanish and if anything happened I would have issues. Still better to be safe than sorry.

As I returned to the Port of Entry they did ask for my passport. I made comment that I didn’t go into Mexico and they said yes you did, we were watching you. So now I can boast about my International Travels, like my son’s brother-in-law (Greg) who has traveled Mexico, South American and Vietnam on his bicycle. Greg was my hero in someone who had the guts to go outside the box and do things that most of us would be scared to do.

I did ride a short distance with a biker who had gone 20 miles into Mexico and was returning. He also had rode twice in the “Ride Across America”.

I eventually rode 16 miles total as I rode through other areas of Amistad Rec Area.

To celebrate the bike ride (when you are out in the boonies, you think of any reason to celebrate) we visited the Val Verde winery in Del Rio. It is the oldest continuous operating winery in Texas since 1883. The wine was good and we sat out in the backyard and we enjoyed the weather and a glass of wine. The winery is now in town as the town has grown around it.

Had dinner at the recommended Mexican restaurant and the food was good. A new aspect of food, as I had beef tips cooked in Salsa. No margaritas on the rocks, only had frozen margaritas and Brenda doesn’t like the brain freeze.

We enjoy campgrounds that host events. This one didn’t have too many activities but they did have Bingo. Only 10 people attended and we were able to double our money – won $16 total.

Thursday morning heading to Big Bend National Park in the middle of nowhere, I hear.

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