January 31- Padre Island Beach

Excited and nervous as we headed a short distance to the Gulf Coast Beach in Port Aransas. This is a boon docking site (no utilities) that we have never done before.

Usually we have electricity and water but this site is just parked on the sand in front of the beach and all you have is what you brought with you. We do have a full tank of fresh water and empty black and gray tanks.

My biggest fear is how long will the batteries last. We have turned everything off that is not necessary – clocks, DVD, etc. We do have a generator and if the power gets low, we can use it to provide our electrical needs.

To get here we had to cross a canal by ferry. Yes the RV floated and everything worked out fine.

Have we discussed being mesmerized by the gulf waves lapping upon the shore? Oh yes, I sat in my chair and was fascinated by the sights and sounds. Talk about relaxing. Seemed like I spent hours staring into the sea.DSC_0065

I also got up on the bike and road 10 miles. The road we are on is all sand (hard packed – thankfully) but it is tough riding on as you get stuck in soft areas. I did ride through town.

We did grill on the beach with shrimp and vegetables – enjoyable.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the loneliness and silence at night. It was a little scary thinking we were the only ones on the beach or at least from the lights, no one else was here.

Saturday we woke up safe and sound. Weather was mild so we didn’t need the heater. Brenda walked the shore looking for shells and I watched the news. Yes we do have TV – sparingly.

You see boon docking means doing some of the camping stuff in small quantities. We only have one tank of water and so much battery power.

Saturday morning the beach was empty except for a couple of others camping on the beach. Did get some sunrise pictures.

Took the bike out and made 7 miles. We were going to the National Seashore later so I didn’t waste too much time.

Drove with the puppies to the Padre Island National Seashore. It was amazing as there was miles upon miles of sand dunes. Got my stamp and watched the movie. Interesting history and development of this special area. It is a 70 mile barrier island that is the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world.

We did walk the shoreline with the dogs. Texas is great as it allows dogs on the beach, whereas other states frowned upon it.DSC_0028

Yesterday we watched some people on the beach fly kites, well we had to stop at the Kite Store to buy one for us. Brenda picked out an easy fly and we headed home to the beach to fly our kite. We were successful and got it up in the air and we relaxed and watched others fly and watched our kite zooming overhead. After that success, Brenda wants to upgrade to a more difficult kite to fly.

Sunday not a whole lot planned. Brenda wants to go to Corpus Christi to shop (she hasn’t got over that habit) so I will stay home and walk the beach. Do walk the dogs at least 4 times a day.

Its amazing how many people walk the beach – it is so relaxing. There is one fellow who everyday walks the beach with his walker. He goes about 1000 feet and sits on the walker and takes a break and watches the surf, then moves on. This beach is almost like a party happening all the time. We did see wind surfers, kite surfers and even kayaks out in the water. I would hate to see it in the summer.DSC_0038

Except today a fog rolled in and you couldn’t see 100 feet in front of you and then an hour later the sun came out and it was gone.DSC_0070

Started reading Carl Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln. Need to get educated. Good read!

Did you know the waves never stop rolling into shore in this area? Felt sorry for the couple who camped on the beach in a tent and the noise the waves make. They seemed to do okay.

Brenda just returned from shopping and yes she did get a bigger and more difficult kite to fly. I will keep you informed. (We did fly the kite later that evening but the winds began to die down early. We did get it up for a while).

Monday woke up to the winds and fog. The weather was cool and damp, in fact moisture surrounded the RV and everything was damp. In fact everything was gritty and sandy. We hadn’t realized how much sand had blown into the RV and the sand we tracked in as well. When we hit pavement we will have to have a serious cleaning. Everything you touch is sandy.

I will have to say the boon docking was a success. We made it three days on a tank of water and battery power. You learn to minimalize everything you do. No excess TV binging, shower every other day and you can’t wash the clothes when you want. We did get to spend more time talking about things and not focusing on our screens. It was good and we will do it again. Maybe even push it for a week. At least it has opened new doors to try.  Sunset over the sand dune the last night.DSC_0074

Heading to San Antonio.

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