January 22 – Rockport Texas

Headed south about 10 AM and things were going well – that is until we arrived in Houston. Only route south was thru the center of the city. We did take the I-610 bypass but still traffic was busy. White knuckled all the thru Houston until we exited at the south end. Sure glad the weather was nice – cool and dry.

Did you know that Texas was so flat and open? We drove miles and didn’t see a whole lot. We stopped for lunch (soup in the RV – the great thing about traveling in motorhome) at a gas station that was also a meat market. Brenda went in to look at the jerky and came out with Kolache – we never had them before – meat or fruit filling in a sweet bread role. Pretty tasty, like a pig in the blanket. They even have a festival down here over them.

We arrived at Circle W campground a day early, our original plan since it was almost 300 miles was to boon-dock along the way, but we were so scared of Houston, we didn’t stop but kept driving. We did arrive about 3:30 PM. Nice campground, great wifi, cable, lots of sites, many full timers and park model homes. Has a pool open 24 hours indoors.001

Saturday started out with a phone call from the office saying they had put us in the wrong spot (someone else paid for the site we were in but had not arrived yet) we needed to move. No big deal, we have the set up figured out fairly quick.

After the move we headed into town to investigate and buy some stuff. I needed a left turn lightbulb for the RV. There is still maintenance that needs to be done.

We did walk along the marina and saw many sailboats. Interesting how many of the boats had people living full time or at least spending the winter here. The area also had a free aquarium which was interesting with local fish and history.

Sunday we decided to smoke ribs and watch football. Ribs turned out “fall off the bone” tender. My two teams I rooted for won so we are looking forward to Super bowl – go Broncos!.

Since the weather was so nice, I thought it was time to clean part of the RV.

Since I get distracted easily, I focused on one item, the tires. Cleaned them and coated the tires with the material to make them look blacker and hopefully preserve the material. I even cleaned the vinyl covers that protect the tires from ultraviolet waves. I stayed focused and got my work done for the day.

Monday is another nice day and for sure I need a bike ride. No trails in the area but after traversing a few rough roads I made it down to the inter-coastal waterway and rode along the beach for quite a ways. Did get my 20 miles in and got home after getting lost once on the way back. While riding along the waterfront I saw dolphins and pelicans in the water.

Had leftover ribs for lunch and then Brenda and I went on a tour of Aransas Pass. Not a whole lot in town so we headed over to the Port of Aransas, a more touristy town. Saw a drilling rig in the water and we had to use a ferry to get into town.

We walked a pier and watched some people fishing. They caught a sting ray while we were standing there. The pelicans were watching hungrily waiting for the fisherman to throw back smaller fish.

We were driving along the gulf coast and noticed a pop-up camper by the water. Brenda made comment that a motorhome wouldn’t be able to do that. Within a quarter mile we saw a motorhome by the water in the sand. We stopped and got out and visited with the couple from Wisconsin. They had just discovered that for a small fee (permit) you can park on the sand for three days. Had a good discussion with them about traveling and the freedom of coming and going as you feel and staying if the weather is good. I am so used to a schedule and having to be somewhere. Guess who bought a permit and will be on the gulf shore this next weekend. We rearranged our schedule and will do the boon docking first. Visiting with this couple helped me step outside my box.

We did find a brewery in town to celebrate our new freedom – lol! And afterwards we had dinner.DSC_0029

To get to Port Aransas you have to take a ferry from Aransas Pass across the canal. There were two ferries each way that held at least 20 cars going back and forth 24/7. I wonder why they don’t build a bridge because I know there were at least 30 employees assisting cars to get on and off. We watched a semi-tractor trailer get on board. We did ask if the RV would have any problem and they said they ferry them all the time.

Tuesday is “dog day”. Time to go to the vet and get their updates on shots – ouch! We found an AAHA certified vet in Corpus Christi, which we wanted to visit there while we were in the area. Dog’s love riding in the car but they were unware of where we were headed.007

Found the vet and Gretel got her shot without incident. While there we thought let them have a pedi, Gretel no problem. You see Hansel doesn’t like anyone to touch him. I had to hold him (wrapped tightly with both arms) while the vet did the pedi and boy did he squirm. So much that he was drooling all over and fighting to avoid having his nails trimmed. Finally had to take him out to the car to relax – he is so funny about someone touching him. It’s a good thing his nails don’t grow too fast.

We did some shopping while in the big city. CC was an interesting city, as it is a port town. Lots of big cranes and bridges along the shoreline. Saw the USS Lexington docked (did not tour). Ate lunch in the car and headed home. Too cool to sit outside at a restaurant patio with the dogs.

Wednesday was supposed to rain but it has been overcast and about 57. Had nothing planned and Brenda saw they were having a quilting class, so she went and worked with the ladies. She was the youngest by 20 years. They invited her out to lunch and they went to a local restaurant.

Gretel was mopping around so I stayed in the RV and did computer work. Have to be thinking about taxes soon. We did get to facetime with Josh and Leah in London this afternoon. Enjoyed that.

Thursday again was overcast but I wasn’t about to sit around. We took off to visit Rockport and Fulton. First stopped by the pier to watch Dolphins, but no Dolphins. Next was the Big Tree, a tree that was over a 1000 years old. When you think about history and who may have witnessed this tree, it is amazing. The diameter was more than 11 feet.

Lunch time was at the Oyster House (may have been the original one) and had Po-Boy and Mushrooms stuffed with crab.

Along the shore we began to notice that the trees were leaning in towards shore. The winds are so constant off shore that they have caused some trees to lean.DSC_0042

Haven’t been to a winery in a while, so we found the nearest one and headed that way. Do you know how flat and un-scenic Texas is? There wasn’t anything for miles. Wine was okay, more fruity, had a glass and enjoyed the nicer weather outside. It was the South Wind Winery and was on a 145 acre ranch. And yes they did grow some of their own grapes.

Thursday night is get ready to move night and we prepped for the next day.

Friday is off to the beach.

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