January 16 – Livingston Texas

Got off to a good start leaving Lafayette and we were on the road by 9 AM. Did the interstate this time as I knew the secondary roads were not in such good shape in Louisiana. Nice drive and saw many rice and sugar canes fields.

Rainbow’s End campground is an Escapees campground. This is the group we belong to to get our mail service and many full-timers belong to for assistance. Campground isn’t anything special, no wifi, no cable, gravel lots and many snow birds here. Lots of Texas plates, which is the reason we stopped here, our mission for the week is to get our vehicle and driver’s license. This is also where our address is and our mail is stored here.Site

We picked up our mail and had about 1-1/2 inch stack of mail. We final got Christmas cards.

Saturday they have a pancake breakfast so I couldn’t miss that.
Brenda wanted to do some shopping, so the day was spent shopping. We did have our first Mexican meal in a long time. Again, when in Texas, do as the Texans do.

Because we don’t have wifi at the campground, we spent time at Starbucks at Target using the free wifi.

Sunday we found the local church. The pastor had cowboy boots with a cross on the top of the boot. Pretty cool.

Weather is about 60 degrees and the sun final came out.

We are in a dry county and I’m not talking about the weather, so we headed out of county to get the Bourbon for the smoked Salmon. Texas must also we dry on Sunday, no liquor stores open.

Monday we loaded up the motorhome and car and took them in town for the Texas Inspection. Everything okay and have paperwork in hand.

Tuesday I took the tour of the Escapees Headquarters. Since I am a member might as well see what they do. They have quite the operation here in the campground. They showed us a movie of the history and their expansion – from 27 acres to over a hundred acres. They even have a care center where if your health failed, you could camp and get the hospital recovery care within the campground. We also toured the mail service (and when you mail us, this is where it goes until we ask them to forward it). They have the second largest mail service in one location besides the post office.

While I was doing this, Brenda got a haircut as we were about to get our driver’s licenses.

We have to register all of our vehicles first so took care of that and received our new Texas plates. You know how it is when you get a title or register, something is always missing. Had no proof of the dry weight of the motorhome. The girl behind the desk spent 20 minutes and finally found it on the web. We have our plates.

Then over to get driver’s license at another location. Everything in place and we had our picture taken and we are now officially Texas residents. Even registered to vote.license

Spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with neighbors and drinking some beer. Couple out of New York and they are full timing too. Brenda enjoyed their company as they were younger than us. She says most of the people we meet our 20 years older. We final got the bourbon later and smoked the salmon that night.

Wednesday was quiet, weather was nice and I took a short bike ride (6 miles) before lunch on these Texan roads. Most of them were in good condition but I definitely didn’t ride the 70 mph roads. In the afternoon we took the dogs and went out to the State Park. Had a wooden deck walkway for one mile through the wetlands. It was impressive with the education material along the trail. Didn’t see any wildlife. Road around the campground to see if we would camp here at a future date. It was on the Lake Livingston, which is the second largest lake in Texas.  More smells off the deck.boardwalk

Thursday Brenda attended a genealogy class at the local library. She also got her Texas library card. We final got in touch with Becky and Ralph (my son’s in-laws) who are from Springfield Illinois and winter down here. We spent the afternoon visiting and discussing the high points of retirement.

Friday we had scheduled a Smart Weigh with the campground. You get on a scale and they weigh the motorhome by each tire to see if you are overloaded or unbalanced. We didn’t do too bad, we are 1000 pounds under weight. I guess Brenda can buy some more shoes – lol. Not sure where she would put them.

After the weigh in we headed south to Corpus Christi, Texas.

This concludes the second phase of our one year trip. We have driven 3588 miles, stayed in 24 campgrounds and visited 12 states, numerous national parks and historic sites. Love it!

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