December 22 – Carrabelle Florida

Great trip traveling from Central Florida to the panhandle. No interstate but only two lane road through a forest. Our longest trip of 202 miles. I can assure you there are no corporate businesses along Route 98.

Ho Hum Campground is located on the Gulf Coast and our camp site is 2nd tier from the beach. Saved $10 per night by not getting a beach site, but yet I can still see the water from our window.  Sunrise picture for your viewing pleasure.DSC_0001

Saturday afternoon we rode to Apalachicola, historic seaport town to tour the area and preview what is around us. Did stop at the Oyster City Brewery and enjoyed one of their local brews.

Sunday a trip to St. George’s Island, an island in the middle of the gulf, what pretty beaches and big houses. Unfortunately for us on Sunday the island closes down and we missed seafood on an island.  Always a lighthouse.

We did walk the beaches with the dogs and they had a great time running free (when there was no people around). Gretel would take off and run fast and free. They did sleep well that night.


Stopped at Carrabelle and they have a public beach that we stopped at and ran (the dogs not us). Enjoyed the beach a whole lot, if I didn’t like the traveling, it might be fun to get some beach property and be a surf bum. Also we visited the World’s Smallest Police Station. Very interesting story and it shows you that back in the day you didn’t need such an elaborate station.

Visited with the neighbors for a while, one from Canada and one from Boston. Didn’t know that Canadians can only stay in US for six months

Ended the night with some shrimp and oysters at a local establishment.

Sunset for your enjoyment.DSC_0102

Started watching the Star Wars Series to get ready for our Christmas Day viewing of the new Star Wars movie. Completed 1-3 by Monday evening.

Monday was overcast and rain predicted for the early evening. Temp was only going to get to 72. We drove to Tallahassee to see the state capitol. Saw the Capitol building and rode thru Florida State University. Had lunch at Momo’s Pizza and Brew Pub – the largest slice of pizza I had ever seen.IMG_1047

Tuesday is pouring rain, so for the first time, we have been RV-bound. Catching up on paperwork and finished last week’s blog.

Wednesday is moving day west along the gulf coast.

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