December 9 -Titusville Florida

Oh what a campsite! This is what I would call our first “snow bird” resort. They hand you a calendar of events and invite you to get involved. There is water aerobics, pickle ball, cards, bingo and oh yes potlucks. Neighbors have all been friendly and everyone has an interesting story. Wifi is nonexistent at each site but great at the clubhouse or restroom buildings. Just have to take a short walk to get on.

Tuesday we stayed home and sat around and did planning for our time here. In fact, we decided to extend our stay here from four days to seven. We can get to all our desires (places we want to go visit) from here without the extra relocate. And besides 7 days costs the same as 6 days.

Wednesday we went to the Holiday Cordial at the campground. It was intended to be a greet and meet. They had all kinds of booze, including eggnog and many appetizers. We met a couple from New York, and a couple others from Florida. One couple had been full timing for 14 months and was still trying to figure it out. We did decide to get together for wine to discuss and share ideas.

Did some shopping and had pizza for dinner. Also rode the bike for a while around the campground and did 4 trips with the dogs around the campground (that happens each day).DSC_0048

Thursday we headed for Kennedy Space Center. Arrived there at opening and began the tour. What a place, I so much enjoyed it and would do it again. I guess I never paid enough attention to all the rockets we (USA) blasted off. To have fifty plus years summarized in one day was quite impressive.

Listened to a tour guide tell the story of all the different types of rockets that the USA has blasted off since the 60’s. Each had its purpose and eventually it lead up to landing on the moon.DSC_0005

Rode the bus tour to see all of the launch sites and the rocket assembly building. Learned so much about sending rockets into space. Did you know that all of that white smoke coming from under the rocket is not fuel burning but water being dumped on the launch pad so that it doesn’t melt? Did you know that Kennedy Space Center was not a replacement for Cape Canaveral? CC is still there and it is an Air Force Base. I always assumed CC was renamed Kennedy Space Center, but not true.

Back to the tour, the bus dropped us off at the Apollo/Saturn V mission building. I didn’t know the rockets were so big. They had one of the rockets there that never made it on the launch pad. Tour guides provided all kinds of good information. Spent a couple of hours there.

We did get to touch a moon rock. And along the bus trip, we did see some alligators and an Eagle’s nest.

Then the bus returned us to the Visitor’s Center and we began more exploring. They had two IMAX movies about space there were good. Then we went to the Atlantis Space Shuttle building and saw the space shuttle. Again – huge! You could have spent two days in this building alone with all the interactive activities. I could see how this place would get kids excited about space and science.DSC_0203

The best interactive activity was the “Shuttle Launch Simulator” – you felt like you were blasting off inside the shuttle. Great technology and a good learning experience.

Walked through Journey to Mars and by then it was the end of the day. Great visit and would recommend it to anyone who is in the area. It makes you appreciate more what NASA is doing.

Oh, one message that I heard over and over was that NASA is not dead. They are proceeding with a new project to land people on Mars and they have already created the capsule “Orion” and are now trying to develop a rocket to lift it off the earth. They hope by the 2020’s to be heading toward Mars.

Friday spent some time doing computer work and then I went off to play Pickleball. Never played before but after some instructions I was able to grasp the concept. Similar to Tennis but smaller and a few strange rules. I won my first two games and ended the morning 3 wins out of 5. Those older ladies are tough.

Then Brenda and I and the dogs headed east to the coast to see Canaveral National Seashore – another NP stamp. It was an hour drive but we enjoyed the scenery and seeing the longest undeveloped coastline on the eastern seaboard. Saw the movie and now I know the history. Unfortunately we were not able to let the dogs on the beach. We also stopped at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, which is the leftover land that the Kennedy Space Center doesn’t use.DSC_0002

We did see Manatees in a river along the way and Armadillos (I thought I was in Texas) along the coastline. Ended the day with a quiet meal at home. Manatees are mammals and are consistently coming up for air, so you see them bobbing out of the water often. They are nick named “sea cows” and I hate to admit that when I was a kid, I had a so called friend call me that.DSC_0039

Saturday we had a couple of packages we wanted to get to the post office and got them wrapped and out the door. Being such a nice day (close to 80) I wanted to get my 20 mile bike ride in. Brenda worked on her ancestry stuff and I rode. Made it to the Intra Coastal waterway area east of Titusville. Had a huge bridge to get over but I did make it. Found a Tiki bar under the bridge after my return. Enjoyed a cold one and then continued on. Lots and lots of sailboats in this area still docked and ready to go.

Sunday was our trip to Orlando and Universal Island of Adventure. There is so much to do in this city, you could spend months and a ton of money on entertainment.

Island of Adventure was fun, visited Harry Potter, Doctor Seuss, Jurassic Park, Toons, Lost Island, and Marvel Heroes. The best every ride was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It was a roller coaster with video that made you feel a part of the HP movie. Did it twice. I was so impressed with the construction and technology of all the rides.

Oh traffic was so bad leaving the park early and on a Sunday night, I would hate to see it during rush hour.

Monday was easy. I got to play Pickle ball but still need to learn the rules and techniques. Also need to buy my own paddles so I don’t have to beg to play. Worked on the computer for a while, and final got our mail package from Texas. Not a whole lot in the package, most bills by email. Actually not that many bills which is good.

Monday evening took Brenda out for nice seafood dinner at Dixie Crossroads, been in Titusville for quite a while. Unique place and the food was okay. The park here has Bingo on Monday nights, so we went and I won $181 on the last game with a coverall. That will pay for most of the week.

Tuesday is the day to move.

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