December 3 – Hilton Head Island

Arrived in Hilton Head Island on Monday November 30 about midafternoon (before 2 PM). Temperatures in mid-70’s. Campground was much more than we expected. Camp sites are owned by individuals who if they are not here rent them out. We were handed a golf cart and said go pick out an empty one that we would like to stay. You are allowed to use all accessories (chairs, tables etc.) left behind. Every site was decorated to the “T”. Our most expensive site to date.DSC_0122

We picked site 2, no big trees (so we could get satellite) and close to entrance so easy access to get out. Haven’t met any of the neighbors as we have been on the go. Great wifi, cable TV and quiet.

Decided to tour the island to get acquainted with the layout of the area. Busy with lots of traffic, but most impressive was the zoning or sign control. You didn’t see the stores from the main highway, as they were all hidden behind the trees and landscaping and small signs. Quite impressive, other cities could take a hint from this area. They even have a toll road to quicken the ride from one end to the other. We have avoided paying the toll and enjoyed the long ride around the way. We did stop at the Hilton Head Brewery on the south side.

Tuesday we hit the beach, at least on our bikes. We wanted to ride at low tide (which was 6 AM) (Hard packed sand) but we made it out there by 10. DSC_0061

We rode 6 miles total, and by the time we got back we noticed the tide coming in and made us ride in softer sand. Lots of seagulls, people, dead crabs and the scenery along the shore was great.

Had lunch at a local shop (I had Shrimp BLT and Bren had Shrimp and Grits – eat local). Rest of the afternoon I had to clean the sand and salt off the bikes, we grilled and as normal, we walk the dogs around the park. We did walk the exterior of the park, which is on a harbor, there are boats and docks and seagulls naturally.

Wednesday I headed out myself on the bike and rode almost 21 miles from west side to the east side. They have a tremendous inner connected bike system. Another lesson for the cities. It was easy because the island is flat and not having to deal with hills. Traffic at intersections is busy but being careful makes the crossing easy. You can get to anywhere on a bike. Lots of people riding. I would hate to see it in the summer.

Got back to camp and cleaned up and the Brenda and I headed to the gated plantation of Sea Pines. Designed by Charles Fraser, he planned this 8 square mile community to respect the natural resources and provide a livable community. What a place it was. It cost $6 a car to get in which was your parking pass. Great idea to eliminate parking meters.

We visited the lighthouse, saw a dolphin, Pelicans, alligator (missed stopping to take a picture), walked around looking a boats (many larger than our motorhome) and eventually got to the Salty Dog for a beer. Rain rolled in about that time and we had to sit and watch the sea and rain.DSC_0115

We stopped on the way back to camp for dinner at the Crazy Crab, great food. I had Grouper for the first time and enjoyed it. Brenda did the crab cakes.

Thursday only expecting a high of 62 and overcast. Took the dogs to the ocean for a first time in seeing the ocean for them. Not too many people on the beach so we were able to take them off the leash and let them run and did they run. Immediately they went after the seagulls to no avail. Birds faster than dogs.

Gretel quickly discovered that there was paths leading from the beach to the houses. She kept getting way laid checking out the huge houses. Hansel was more laid back and investigated the many smells along the beach. Had a great walk and enjoyed the many sites and smells of the ocean.DSC_0026

As you would have expected, the dogs found another brewery location. We did Hilton Head Brewery again, but in a new location. Just for a beer and peanuts, which the dogs participated.

We did take a ride to Bluffton, which is on the mainland. Nothing too exciting to see but an old historic town. We don’t do a lot of shopping as we have nowhere to store all the stuff.

And that’s the end of our Hilton Head experience as Friday is moving day.DSC_0121

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