November 30 – Columbia Final

Thursday November 19 most of the day was spent checking with Winnebago as to why my air cleaner was wet, then solving the problem and then installing the new air cleaner. Let me just say, I wouldn’t want to replace one of these too often, but they say I should once a year. Had to buy a new long socket but I now know how to do this the next time.




Thursday evening went to Vista Christmas Tree lighting with Dee and Cannon. What a crowd in the restaurant –row in Columbia. A lot of great restaurants in the area and beer was for sale on the sidewalk. Even had 7% proof ice cream – chocolate and bourbon.

Friday was able to pick up another stamp at the Congaree National Park. Not a historic site, but the only remaining floodplain forest in the US. Thank the environmentalists in the 70’s who proposed saving this area and not letting foresters cut all the trees down. It included 27,000 acres and had elevated boardwalks to see up close the trees and swamp.

After all that hiking, we needed a brewery and found Conquest, near USC campus that had some great beers and cheap growlers.

Saturday weather was finally nice and had a chance to ride 10 miles in nearby neighborhoods. River trails are not open yet. That night we had Dee and Cannon over for smoked salmon.

Sunday was church and church picnic. I got the honor of cooking the brats and dogs while the members had their annual church meeting to set a budget. The food was great and as usual, I ate too much. Spent the rest of the day relaxing. Watched my first movie in the middle of the afternoon since we had gone fulltime.

Monday rode again (only 8 miles) it was a little cool. Weather has been cool in mornings and reasonable in afternoon. Could use a few more degrees to enjoy the outside. Monday night Dee and Cannon took us out for a really nice meal, enjoyed a nice steak.

Tuesday Bren and I spent the day together and visited the State Museum. It was quite nice with a lot of local South Carolina displays and events. The big deal was attending the 4D presentation of “The Polar Express”. Always wanted to see it in 3D but 4D was much more memorable. I had a smile a mile wide as snow fell in the theatre and the smell of hot chocolate and the trip across the lake made such an impression on me with the wind blowing in my face. I felt like a little kid and yes I do believe.IMG_0948DSC_0005

Went out for a small dinner and then back to the Museum as they have a sky observatory. We got to see the double star and Uranus. It was a partial cloudy night so there weren’t too many stars out to see. Brenda had a good time as she enjoys star gazing.

Wednesday was quiet as Brenda wanted to sew. We did do dinner at a burger joint with great burgers.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we were invited to Dee’s in-laws to enjoy dinner with family, about 25 people. Oh was it good. Ate too much but enjoyed the fellowship.

Friday, Brenda and Dee did do black Friday shopping and then we helped them with picking a Christmas tree and decorating it. Fun day topped with pizza from one of the local pizzerias and a few games of dominos (never played on 15 spots before, that’s a lot of counting).

Saturday we had to watch Clemson play USC but not to our desired results, besides Clemson was and is number 1 in the country. That afternoon we went to Cannon’s mom’s family for a “Low Country boil” Yum yum. Everything gets thrown into the pot and boiled. It was good especially standing around the table covered with newspaper and food and nibbling away.

Sunday I smoked a turkey (since I didn’t have any leftovers) and invited Dee and Cannon for a last meal together. Final nights are always tough, but we discussed many topics and remembered the good times we had the past month. Monday was our day to move on to the next campground.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about the next area! Sounds like you’re eating a LOT. Don’t forget to cycle 🙂


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