November 19 – Columbia Catch up

We are settled for about a month in Columbia South Carolina, visiting Brenda’s daughter and her husband. Not a whole lot of outside the box things going on. We have been to their house for dinner, lunch and just having fun.

Tuesday was shopping day, I’m beginning to enjoy them. Found the River Rat Brewery and oh did they have a good Morning Stout.

Brenda and her daughter are out on their mother daughter day. I am babysitting Hansel and Gretel. We went looking for bike trails but there are still flooded out from the big rain last month.

One of the frustrating things about full timing is trying to keep all the paperwork straight. I thought the Verizon bill was on automatic pay and it wasn’t so I was behind. Trying to find a place to get a flu shot (I’m at the age they strongly recommend it), need oil change on RV and to find a good dealer, the list goes on. Even though it’s frustrating, I’m still excited enough not to give it up.

Need to talk about the weather, it’s been 3 weeks since we have seen the sun, but it’s out. Enjoying low 70’s (which I have found out I really like) and it will be this way for a while.

Wednesday night we did catch dinner and a brewery with Dee and Cannon.

Thursday I did get to ride about 8 miles on the bike, not easy from here but I did manage some miles. Brenda and I went shopping, she got a haircut, went to Social Security (Signed up for Medicare B), so I really getting old. Bought a mattress pad and groceries.

Thursday night we met Dee and Cannon on Devine Street and they offered free hors d’ oeuvres and wine/beer at the different stores. It was a great way to increase traffic for the Christmas season. Cannon admitted there were stores he had not thought about going into until that night.

Friday was move day (to a different lot – same park). All the Florida Gator fans had reservations head of me. We also smoked beans and ribs for an evening meal with Dee and Cannon.

Saturday we went on a historic walk along the Fort Congaree trail, this is where the Union attached the Confederates and eventually burned Columbia after defeating the Confederates. What was amazing, was the swamp land that the Union had to get through to fight. While were there, I had never seen so many mosquitos in one place, especially in November. The River Alliance is working to establish a paved trail (for bikes and walkers) and to take you along the fighting areas. They still have the earthworks (or fort wall) still intact. The guides had a lot of information and were passionate about the details.

Afterwards we visited the Flying Saucer, but I wasn’t attempting drinking 200 beers to get my name on a plate.

Sunday did church and went to Groucho’s (there theme is “the cure to the hangover”). I love local culture.

Sunday afternoon we attended the “Beethoven and Blue Jeans” symphony with “Que and Brew” afterwards. Gift from the Brenda’s daughters. The symphony was really good and we had front row seats. Beer wasn’t bad either.

Tuesday I had an oil change for the RV at 8 AM, so you can see why Monday was quiet. 6 hours later I was done (no I didn’t do it myself, I paid the experts to do such a thing). Oil change on engine and generator and all filters and lubes done. I’m good for 10,000 miles.

Wednesday we are in the Newberry Library again, copying a book and more research on Brenda’s family.

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