November 9 – Center of Southern Rain

Sitting in the library watching Brenda review the history books on her family has taken a toll on me. So I was wondering why the different questions on the census every 10 years?

The first census was taken in 1790 and the questions asked were how many males between age 16 and 18, how many males between 19 and 22 etc. They were concerned about going to war and would they have enough soldiers.

Census in the 1800’s focused on livestock and how many slaves and women were in the household. There was a concern if the growth would continue.

The 1900’s brought questions about immigration because concern was that could the country maintain the growth of immigration. It was interesting how the Native Americans and Blacks were ranked.

Size of houses and income and all the other questions have a purpose and will be studied by social scientists until the end of time.

After an exciting afternoon in the library, we went in search of the nearest winery. As we had discovered in our last trip to SC, their wines are sweet. We did find one near Newberry and spent part of the afternoon visiting with the wine maker and a customer. We found a Merlot that wasn’t sweet and was enjoyable.

Thursday November 5th if you are keeping track.

One of the things I have come to enjoy is visiting the National Parks and Historic sites. History is a lot more fascinating at my age now then it was when I was in school. We headed a little west of our campground and found the NHS of Ninety Six. It was the first battle of the Revolutionary War on Southern soil. We enjoy watching the movies at these sites as they give you the history and background. I’m learning.DSC_0002DSC_0017 DSC_0013

What was most awesome, was walking along the battlefield. There was a paved path, but yet the “earthen star fort” build by the English was still visible. You almost felt like you were on holy ground. Especially when you realize how many people were killed in battle there. The town of Ninety Six (probably wondering how it got that name – it was 96 miles from there to the Cherokee area (Smoky Mountains), people wagon trained it from Charleston on the coast, traveling west and they passed thru this area).

Unfortunately, when the English lost, they left the fort and burned the town. A new Ninety Six town was established but not in the same area.

We then headed to Greenville (I have heard it was a great city for seniors) to explore. We had lunch at a local French Restaurant, LeGrand’s. Good food.

We then went into downtown Greenville, it’s a very walkable city, and visited the sites. They have a minor league (for Boston) baseball team, even have the Big Green Monster wall built in their stadium. We saw Shoeless Joe’s museum and a lot more fun things to do and see. A lot of artists had shops in the immediate area.DSC_0033 DSC_0028

My biggest impressive thing to see (after 96), was the Liberty Bridge. It was a cantilevered bridge over the waterfalls. It was suspended supported on only one side so that nothing would interfere with your view of the waterfalls. The city had created bike trails (18 miles) along the river and made the area very attractive for tourists and the local residents who so many lived downtown. We were impressed with Greenville.DSC_0070 DSC_0056 DSC_0045

Not to disappoint anyone, we did find the Blue Ridge Brewery downtown and enjoyed a cold one. Good beer and later we had sushi for dinner at Takosushi. You could get Mexican food there too.DSC_0095

Today is Friday and our day to unwind and get ready for the next change of residence. Didn’t do a whole lot, we did go to Walmart to pick up a variety of things, but visiting Walmart is always a treat and it didn’t disappoint.

Had our favorite meal tonite, wine, cheese and sausage. How good!

Saturday headed out for Columbia, SC. Not a whole lot to report, arrived at Barn Yard RV park which is also the largest indoor flea market I ever saw. More stuff than I even thought there was, even sold boiled peanuts. Campground has nice size lots, small trees and again poor wifi. It can really be frustrating not being able to connect to the internet.

Had Deidre and Cannon out for an evening meal of spaghetti and wine. Good to see family again.

Sunday attended church with Deidre and Cannon and then went out to Cannon’s parents in Chapin for a 60th wedding anniversary for Cannon’s grandparents. It was nice seeing Cannon’s family as we had not seen them since Dee’s wedding almost 2 years ago.

Its Monday and the only way I will get this posted is in the library and yes we are in the Richland County library downtown Columbia SC.

Oh yes, I need to comment on the weather, I believe it has been two if not three weeks, of rain. Today is high 51 and rain. Oh where is the sunshine?

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  1. Great reading! I love you guys are seeing so much and making good use of your time. For free wifi, hang out at coffee shops and brewpubs as long as you need. Everyone has it now and both are great places to pass the time out in a city. Write at night – upload during the day. Keep on RVin’!


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