November 4 – After Asheville

Some words of advice to RV owners. Don’t let your wife clean the hair out of the shower drain with a pointed hook object. Its great for getting out the hair, but she also half pulled out a rubber gizmo that I had no idea what it was.

After a couple of hours trying to reach under the shower (having to remove side panel covering water system, which didn’t expose what I needed) I found a vent, near the shower, which I removed and saw a section of drain pipe that looked special. Upon removing it, I discovered this rubber thing was a check valve that my DW (dear wife) had turned inside out. Putting it back, everything works fine. Just beware of pointy things.

After lunch we headed to downtown Asheville to walk around. Weather is still cool, but we are getting used to it, in fact, I am enjoying it more than the “hot” weather of STL. We did visit the Grove area, which years ago, was one of the richest hotels (or the richest people visited there) in the US. Had a great display of art, sculpture and old cars. We have learned we no longer have space for “stuff”.

Spent the rest of the day walking around downtown. I used to think the Loop in STL was different but I can assure you that downtown Asheville is 10 times more eclectic. And it was Halloween, which created even more strange sightings.DSC_0002 DSC_0024

Instead of beer, Brenda wanted to try a Cider Bar (yes a cider bar). That was a neat experience, trying different flavors and spices to cider. Not quite the same as beer, but it was a fun night.

One of the fun things that seems to happen is, we usually meet someone we don’t know and sure enough we started talking to the couple next to us and they were here for the weekend, had worked in Jackson Michigan and had just moved from Chattanooga to Knoxville Tennessee for work. As any ambassador for the city they love, he wrote down all the places we should visit in Chattanooga including their favorite ice cream shop. We save these slips (not the first couple that has shared their favorite places) and will visit them next time we drive thru that city.

We did not trick or treat Halloween nite, but took it easy.

Sunday we attended church at the local Lutheran church and met a lady whose daughter lives in Wildwood (near STL) and raises horses – small world and we are enjoying living the local culture in that world.

Rain continues to try and hamper our spirits but let me assure you, being free can’t be hampered.

Sunday afternoon went to “Jack in the Woods” pub and listened to Celtic music for a few hours. Very interesting setup, as musicians show up and play as a group. Good Irish music and food.

Decided to stay an extra day in Asheville, not to enjoy the culture, but to avoid the major rainstorm taking place south of us and we are headed south. Walking the dogs in between rain drops and relaxing. We still have a mission to find a place to fill our growlers. It is our understanding they do that out of gas stations. There is one nearby that we will be trying after lunch.

We did find a gas station that fills growlers. They actually have a bar set up that had 16 taps and food. Defeats the purpose of No drinking and driving. The growlers were expensive but we had to do it once and say we did.

Tuesday November 3 we packed up and headed south to somewhere between Asheville and Columbia, SC. Small park, nice setting with trees but no wifi. They say they do but it has been an impossible task, therefore you may not hear from me for a while. We will take the laptop when we visit and see if we can find good wifi. We do have cellular data, but we have two days left and we are at 90%. Probably need to upgrade our plan. We are in an area that was hit by the heavy rains these past few days, you can tell the gravel streets in the park are quite rough and rutted.

We are doing or at least Brenda is doing genealogy work in the Newberry public library – at least we have wifi. Brenda is deep into this stuff and it is interesting the history you can find out.

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