October 31 – End of Week

Leaving Pigeon Forge we headed to Asheville. But what did we see the Bush Bean Factory and Duke. We stopped and toured the factory (at least saw a video of the factory) and heard about the history of Bush Beans in the area. Good tour but no samples. And we couldn’t get the secret out of Duke.

Have a great camp site in Asheville. Close to town, on the French Broad River, and a city wide bike trail passes thru the campground. Only problem is it is adjacent to the interstate and noisy. We are surviving because the weather is wet and cold and we haven’t had opportunity to sit outside.

Arrived Monday in a drizzle and it rained until Wednesday afternoon and it was cold. We have learned to co-exist in 330 square feet. We did paperwork, repairs, sewing, fix this and that and just enjoyed the quiet time. I am coming to that point that I can just relax and not feel guilty.

We did visit the visitor’s center and gather paperwork for the area. There is so much to do and see here.

Tuesday after much time putzing around, we headed to the Wicked Weed brewery and enjoyed a flight.

Wednesday after the rain stopped we headed to Black Mountain, a small community about 17 miles east and one of the highest points east of the Mississippi River. We walked around town (little shops) and ate at a local restaurant. Did visit their two breweries, which were good. In NC, they can’t fill an outsider’s growler, so our Ferguson growlers sit empty. Don’t have space to fit anymore.

Hansel and Gretel continue to enjoying walking the trail. We do it at least 4 times a day. Need to keep them in shape.

Thursday weather was nice but cool (I guess that’s what we should expect in the mountains). We headed to Hendersonville (heard it was a nice place to finally settle). We did stop at the Sierra Nevada Brewery, quite impressive, it is a top notch operation and the beer was good.

We then left and headed to Flat Rock to see Carl Sandburg’s house (a NHS). Beautiful setting, secluded and peaceful. You can understand how he could write. His wife raised goats, while he was writing and they still maintain them.

Headed to Hendersonville after that and was quite impressed with the downtown and the pedestrian friendly streetscape. Oh yes, they have a brewery and we stopped at the Southern Appalachian Brewery. Nice set up and good beer and friendly people.

Friday, again weather nice and so we headed out the Blue Ridge Parkway (after Target shopping) to view some mountains. We did stop at the Art Folk Visitor’s center to see some local art. Quite impressive. Then headed out to Mt Mitchell, the highest elevation east of the Mississippi River. Impressive in the fact that the paved road took us almost to the top. We only had to walk the last 200 feet up. What was amazing, at the elevation of 6687, the trees were totally different and bare, while at lower elevations the color was just peaking. What a site.

Getting back into town at the Happy Hour, we did stop at Highland’s Brewery and enjoyed one in the afternoon. They have quite an impressive set up and a lot of people enjoying their brews. What is interesting these breweries (including some of the ones we visited before) have been taking over old industrial buildings and creating a new venue for drinking.

What a surprise to us when next door to Highlands was a whiskey distiller. Never been to a whiskey distiller before so we proceeded with the tour. Small operation but good whiskey, didn’t buy anything there.

Home to have dinner and relax.

Oh, we have finally convinced DirecTV to change our location as we move. Will see how long that lasts. You may not have known, but we have not been able to get CBS, NBC, and ABC and have missed the news and programs we enjoy. Being mobile has its disadvantages.

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