October 26 – Bears

Smoky Mountains was a great place to visit. In fact we did three (3) days there. The colors seemed to change a whole lot this weekend and we enjoyed the colors. Unfortunately too many pictures will fill up the web page. I need to find another source to post pictures.

Thursday we went back into the Smokys and traveled to Cades Cove, an old historic community from the 1800’s. Still had the old mill grinding grain as they did back in the day. Many of the buildings were still in tack.

Our biggest thrill came as we got into another traffic jam (it’s amazing how many cars travel thru the mountains) and discovered everyone was stopping to see the bears. We saw a mother and two cubs. It was amazing how calm they were, unaware of us with our cameras shooting away. It was our highlight.DSC_0080

Sunday we drove to the Smokys again and again we ran into a traffic jam and everyone watching the three bears in another location. I understand there are 1500 bears in the mountains and it was amazing to see 6 of them. We did see Elk, deer, horses and a woodpecker.

Thursday it took almost 5 hours to travel the Cades Cove circle (11 miles). Partly because traffic was so slow, but also there was so much to see and to stop and take pictures. Great trip. After getting back into town, we did eat out at a local pizza shop and it was so crowded we invited a lady to sit with us and she had all kinds of stories and places to visit. She was from Texas and gave us insights to the state as we eventually head there to register our vehicles, as we are residents there now.

Friday, was our day to catch up. I installed our Wifi Booster on our roof and had to drill a hole thru the roof to run the wire to the inside. So far everything is okay. Need a rainstorm to see if it leaks.

Brenda went shopping, found the biggest supply of Fiesta ware she had ever seen. Didn’t buy anything but she knows there is place out there if she ever has the need.
Saturday we stayed around the campsite again. For $5 you can wash your RV and I took the opportunity with the cool dry weather to scrub it from top to bottom. It was an all-day venture. You don’t get too many campgrounds that allow you to do this. It was dirty and had spider webs, so it looks good as it get ready to rain. We have gone 2 weeks without rain, so we won’t complain.

Saturday nite they had a Gospel singing group perform in the pavilion near us, so we enjoyed a night of gospel music.

Sunday we attended a church service in the pavilion, good gospel message.

Not wanting to miss anything in the Smokys we headed out after church to visit Cherokee on the far south east side. Should have only taken us a 1-1/2 hour but in the end it took 3 hours again, because of traffic. I guess everyone goes out for a Sunday drive. We also heard that a motorcycle got hit and caused part of that delay.

Trip to Cherokee was good. An Indian Reservation with the old time shops. Brenda’s biggest thrill was the painted bears (remember the painted cows in Chicago). We found 10 of the 18, great art work.

Today we are packing and heading to Asheville, North Carolina.

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  1. Everythings looking great and I’m happy you guys are seeing so much. There’s gotta be a way to get those pics up because we love following your adventure!


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