October 16 Bardstown KY

Bardstown = Best little town in America. We have enjoyed our time here in southern Kentucky.

Old Kentucky State Park, was a very nice treed campground. Good showers and quiet with many people. Sites were small and we did not get TV reception. Campground was close to town so it made it convenient to visit with my cousin and aunt.

Great time with Denise (my cousin) and Mike Couts and my Aunt Angie (my mom’s sister). Had dinner at Denise’s the first night and then dinner at my aunt’s (spaghetti) the next night. So we were well fed. Had great time reminiscing about our younger days and all the things we did back then. Folks down here sure enjoy their Bourbon. We were introduced to Bourbon Slush and Maple Bourbon, which both went down very easy and made for a great night.DSC_0072

We did get to visit three (3) distilleries; Barton 1762, Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam. Did not get to tour JB as it was an hour wait and the tour was 90 minutes (too late in day). We will catch that tour next time in town. Bourbon making is an interesting process and we have come to enjoy the sipping.DSC_0056 DSC_0001 DSC_0039

Countryside was beautiful as these distilleries are located in out of way places and valleys. Probably started in those locations when they were hiding in the hills away from authorities. The Bourbon Trail is worth the trip, but do it in 3 or 4 days to enjoy each one.

We got another National Park stamp by visiting Abraham Lincoln’s birth place and his boyhood home. It’s amazing the history you learn as you visit our most prized possessions (NP).DSC_0002 DSC_0004

Didn’t get to ride our bikes as visiting took up most of our time and there weren’t any bike trails from the SP.

Southern Hospitality is alive and well here. When we arrived, we started to enter the visitor’s center to the park, when someone waved “don’t enter”. He then led us to the campground entrance about ¾ mile away. It would have been a disaster trying to navigate the visitor’s center. I love southern hospitality.

Had to get two new front tires on the Sonic. When we left Giant City, I forgot to put car in neutral and I drug it 100 feet. I did not notice but that wore the rubber off one side and made the tire have a flat side. Didn’t notice until I was driving over 65 mph. Part of the Adventure.

We unfortunately saw the Cardinals second loss at a sports bar within walking distance of the campground. Besides the loss, we ended up walking back to our site in the rain (didn’t watch the weather report).

I think I have the waterline to the kitchen sink from leaking. We will wait and see.

If you are keeping track we have made 4 of 49 states, so it is time to venture on. Today is moving day.

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