October 11

Today is our day to relax. Found out we need to set aside some time and just do nothing or at least catch up on all the things we haven’t done or should do; like pay bills, change addresses, laundry and watch football. The Rams didn’t make it this week against Green Bay.

I have attached map of our proposed route for the first year,

First Year

This will give you an idea of where we might be. Only places with commitments are Columbia SC for Thanksgiving, Tucson, AZ for March and Salt Lake City UT for the month of May. Otherwise, we will be filling in-between with where our hearts lead us.

Paducah is a small river town (Ohio and Tennessee) but it had a lot of culture. We did visit the National Quilt Museum (Brenda is a quilter) and we were both impressed by the quality of work. Some of these ladies spend 3 years working on them and they sure looked it.

No pictures of quilts as the owners hold the copyrights.

Flooding has been an issue in the past with Paducah but they built this huge long wall to hold the water back, the murals were quite impressive and told the history of the city.


Many stories to be told.


Had to visit one of the breweries in town for a cold one. Good beer.

The one thing we learned was that Sunday not too many places are open. Anything non-corporate was closed. Missed a winery on Sunday that was taking a day of rest.

We did attend church this morning, small congregation with the old traditional service. Brought back good memories.

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  1. Rich – I enjoy reading your notes about your travels and thanks for the map.

    The flood wall in Paducah reminded me of a similar one in Cape Girardeau along the Mississippi River. I will remember the comment about good beer just in case we are there one day so I can look for it at the local breweries.

    If you will be in Columbia, SC for Thanksgiving maybe you would come north to Raleigh, NC to spend the weekend of December 19-20 in the area. I am planning to be there visiting my new nephew from December 17th till the 21st. My sister is telling me that it doesn’t get too cold that soon and that there is good local beer around them so maybe I can convince you, ha ha.



    • I would love to see you and your family and enjoy the brew. If you were going to be there for thanksgiving, we would travel north, but by Christmas, we hope to be in mid Florida. We will be leaving SC right after Thanksgiving and heading south.

      Do you think Mr. Walker will give you time off? LOL



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