October 8 (includes 6 & 7)

One of the newest things to get used to while full timing is remember what day it is. Without having any commitments or regular routines, we are always checking the calendar to see what day it is and where we might be going. We are adjusting.

Again, time to catch up. We have been able to visit the three (3) original wineries in the Shawnee National Forest; Owl CreekDSC_0008 DSC_0005, Alto DSC_0003 DSC_0005and PonomaDSC_0026. We were able to enjoy tastings and a glass of wine at each. We did this over two days and had great weather to sit on the patios.

We visited the Ponoma Natural Bridge,DSC_0006 DSC_0016 supposed the only natural rock bridge in the country that formed from nature. It was cool.

Bike riding has been good, but the hills have been a challenge. Again weather has been good and watching the leaves change colors has been fun.

Today is our “get ready for the move” to next site, we are heading to Paducah Kentucky on Friday. We did buy ribs yesterday and will be smoking them this afternoon. Will pack and relax.

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