October 5, 2015 – First Day

This is our first whole day of full timing without having any places to go, except where we want to. We are at Giant City State Park, and it is beautiful. Lots of trees and trails and large lots. Fortunately or unfortunately we are one of three campers here, so it is pretty quiet.
As I was looking out the bedroom window, I noticed how beautiful and quiet it was.DSC_0018
Today, we had to do some shopping for shelf boards to build shelves in the space where we stored our fold up table. We have been using a large TV tray to eat on versus the huge table (seat 6) furnished with our RV. So when you stop by, we will provide food to eat, but it won’t be an elaborate dinner table.
We have learned functionality is more important than presentation. Space is also more important as we struggle to find adequate space to keep our supplies.
Today I had the chance to use some of my tools to cut the shelves and get them installed. Everything turned out good, and Brenda is happy.
Did ride my bike this morning, but I could only make 15 miles as the hills were fairly tough and I wasn’t sure where I was going and if I could make it back – better safe than sorry.

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