Time to Get Caught up with Past History (past from today)

We sold our house sooner than we expected and by June 30th we were homeless or as they say in the RV world, S&B (stick and brick) house was gone.

We moved into the local RV park in Fenton as fulltime residents and were there until September 17, 2015. It was interesting in the Belleville Mobile Home and RV Park. Lots of fulltime residents who worked in the area and a few vacationers. Many of the retired RVers we met were grandparents visiting their kids who lived in the STL area.

The park was an older park with lots of large trees which helped the AC on those excessively hot STL days.

I retired from University City on September 16 and will miss the work and especially the fellow workers. It was a great job and we were able to accomplish many good things for the City. But as we all get old, we were promised a time of relaxation and fun before the good lord calls us home.

I am now ready to relax and have fun – so now the rest of the story.

Leaving the STL area, we stayed overnight at our friends (Mike and Sharron Malloy) in Belleville for one night and then headed to Springfield Illinois to spend time with son and family.

Weekend in Springfield with Matt, Naomi, Kensi and Hailey Wilson was jam packed with activities as each parent was preparing to head out of town (Naomi to California and Matt to Haiti for 3 months) so we had the opportunity to babysit for a few days until their other grandmother (JoAnn) arrived to take over.

When you haven’t had children in your home in awhile, it sure changes things when you have full responsibility for school, activities, food and all the other things a 11 and 13 year old requires.  I was exhausted after that week – where is the relaxing?

On Saturday September 26, we picked up Brenda’s mom and headed to Indiana.  They were in search of family gravestones as they were in the midst of a genealogy investigation.  They visited six cemeteries and found many past relatives.

We stayed at the Last Resort RV park in Nashville Indiana.  A quaint town with many arts and craft shops to visit.  The park had small lots for motorhomes and we felt cramped but we were on the run most of the time.  Also in the area was our favorite winery (Oliver Winery), which we did visit with a basket of cheeses and bread and many other goodies.  We did buy a bottle to share at the table.

Returned mom on Thursday and again, we stayed in Belleville one night with the Malloy’s.

Wanting to get reorganized for the traveling, we are staying at the Casino Queen for two nights.  I was able to visit City Hall and some of my fellow colleagues and then to have happy hour with some later that night.  Did Best of Missouri at the Botanical Gardens (sample foods from various Missouri vendors) and also visited the Shaw Art Show (didn’t buy due to our space issue).  But the art was good.

Went back to University City Saturday night to attend the “Results Party” of the U City Needs.Me campaign.  I was involved at the conception through our church and was excited about how it would continue.  I pray for that group always as U City needs a good grass roots movement to work with the people in need.

And now I sit in the huge RV park at the Casino waiting to finish our wash and dry and then continue the first true leg of the Wienerbago Adventure.

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